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Approved Log My Diet Training Log - female

@lora4ca you can keep greek yogurt and keep carbs low, if you crave chocolate are you having a hormonal issue? period etc
from February (as i remember) my period started to get late, i think this is due to my hypo and ed that i had , in the past it always was on time , now i'm in the process to regulate it with a health diet , so i think tha cravings maybe are because of it
if you do want to use sarms, start with stenabolic sr9009 (assuming first question is answered above) 10mgs before you do cardio and training and try it for 2 weeks before we add anything else.
the most days i split my cardio from the training , so i'll take 10mgs b4 cardio and another 10mgs b4 training? it'll be a total of 20mgs?
or to split the 10mgs?
before starting them i'll take some proper pic for before and after to track my progress
this one was taken last Friday


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keep in mind when you crave 'chocolate' it is really a sugar craving. and sugar is addicting

it is important to shake a sugar addiction by not giving in. it takes some discipline but you can do it. if you want real chocolate then it should taste bitter and not sweet
Diet: Sooo, i noticed that the past days i had a big increase in my carbs , also my appetite is bigger , i have more cravings for chocolate, i'm not sure if this is connected but from today i'll increase my fats and keep my carbs low, like at 100-130gr carbs per day and fats will try 60-70gr , and i'll remove the greek yoghurt
Friday 01/09Saturday 02/09Sunday 03/09Monday 04/09Tuesday 05/09
Breakfast: 1 whole egg w 1 egg white, 70gr light feta cheese and 120gr green apple
Meal 1: 150gr grilled beef patty w 130gr (raw) sweet potato and 100gr steamed veggies
Meal 2: 145gr (raw) chicken breast w 130gr (raw) sweet potato , 1tsp coconut oil and 100gr steamed veggies
Snack: 30gr vegan protein w 10gr flaxseed powder
Dinner: 200gr plain greek yoghurt 2% fat , 1 whole egg w 2 egg whites and 100gr grilled veggies
aprox 1670cals 139C 147P 58F
Breakfast: 1 whole egg w 2 egg whites, 50gr light feta cheese, 30gr oats and 100gr grilled veggies
Meal 1: 145gr (raw) chicken breast, 130gr (raw) sweet potato and 100gr veggies
Meal 2: 200gr plain greek yoghurt 2% fat, 1tbsp coconut oil, 160gr peach and 10gr pistachio
Snack: 20gr parmesan cheese and 120gr grapes
1000cals till here
at dinner we were out so i had 2 glasses of whine and 2 cocktail , didn't ate , only a little mince form the salad , like 3tbsp
in total i calculated aprox 2220cals 175C 106P 69F
Breakfast: 1 whole egg w 2 egg whites, 100gr teamed veggies and 160gr peach
Lunch: 200gr plain greek yoghurt 2% fat w 20gr almonds , 1tsp coconut oil , 160gr peach and 160gr apricots
Snack: 200gr grapes and 250gr melon , 20gr regular feta cheese
Dinner: 90gr grilled chicken breast w 40gr parmesan cheese, 1tsp olive oil and 100gr grilled veggies
Snacked at movie 1 small peach, 30gr cookie and 15gr chocolate 85% cocoa
aprx 1630cals 178C 101P 62F
Breakfast: 1 whole egg w 2 egg whites, 30gr oats, 50gr light feta cheese
Snack: 1 protein bar
Meal 1: 90gr grilled chicken breast, 40gr (raw) basmati rice, 1tsp coconut oil and 160gr peach
Meal 2: 90gr grilled chicken breast, 40gr (raw) basmati rice, 8ml olive oil, 100gr grilled veggies
Dinner: 200gr plain geek yoghurt 2%fat, 10gr vegan protein, 5ml coconut oil, 160gr peach and 150gr grilled veggies
aprox 1720cals 166C 147P 53F
Breakfast: 1 whole egg w 1 egg white, 40gr oats and 50gr light feta cheese
Meal 1: 80gr grilled chicken breast, 40gr (raw) basmati rice, 100gr steamed veggies and 2tsp coconut oil
Meal 2: 100gr grilled chicken breast, 50gr (raw) basmati rice, 2tsp coconut oil, 100gr grilled veggies
Snack: 1 vegan bar w 160gr peach
Dinner: 150gr plain greek yoghurt 2% fat w 10gr flaxseed powder and 150gr green apple
aprox 1780cals 173C 125P 67F
your diet is solid
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