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  1. lora4ca

    Approved Log My Diet Training Log - female

    Initital Thread - Hello all, on this link you can read the initial thread, As i was eating a very low calorie and doing a lot of cardio, my hormones got really bad, i wasn't loosing at all weight as much as i exercised , and lately i had extreme water retention My stats: 26yo, 163cm and 56kg...
  2. lora4ca

    Messed my hormones - Help

    Hi, Long story short , i'm 26y.o , competed in 2021 , ended with binge eating , then bulimia and for the last 7-8months i would say i have a good relationship with food. Since sept last year i was diagnosticated with hypo and i'm on T4. I was feeling extremely fatigued, could'nt loose weight...
  3. S

    Steroid use at 50?

    do you think that I'm too old to use anabolic steroids for the first time at 50 years? If not what would you suggest? I’m 5’7’’ and 170 pounds with 14% body fat The only thing i have done before were pro hormones years ago I currently am working out about three times a week.
  4. O

    Acne creams or products?

    I have been fighting acne ever since I was in high school and it's embarrassing whenever I use a testosterone booster or anything else that affect my hormones I get a break out. there has to be a way I can control this better. Any suggestions?
  5. M

    Do females lose hair on steroids too?

    My husband has been using steroids for 3 years. He knows what he's doing so I allow it. However he has lost his hair quite a bit. When I first met him he had a full head of hair and now he barely has any My question is if I was to try steroids if the same thing could happen to me. My husband...
  6. G

    first cycle 21 years old

    Hey I am a college junior and I found out about sarms from this forum. They sound safe for me. Don’t want to mess with my hormones or dick health. I just lost my virginity recently and am seeing a steady gf. Which sarms are safe for my sex life and will still give me good results, want to get...
  7. D

    Increasing my hormones from weight training?

    I can remember reading some stuff back in high school during PE class about weight training boosting hormones in the body. The thing said that the hormones result in Greater changes and strength and muscle mass so you should weight train for that reason. Do you notice that your hormones go up...
  8. M

    Being regular on steroids

    this is weird but I've been experienced this as a female. When I am off cycle I am irregular with my cycle every month. But when I'm on steroids My Cycles are on time. this started happening when I stopped using birth control a year ago. Do you think it has something to do with the hormones of...
  9. A

    Can you enter please :)

    Hi fella .. I really need your help and experiences. I have been working out more than 7 years :confused: when I was 18 fully natty my state now 25 years old, 178 cm , 75 KG and 20% BF my main problem I can not build muscle:confused: and always feel fatigue and depressed now I am skinny fat...
  10. M

    Does anyone know about hormone levels? I got my blood test results back

    About 1 year ago I ran 500mg of Test Cyp for 8 weeks stacked with 40mg tbol and 10mg of var for 6 weeks along with aromasin on cycle. And 5 1/2 months ago (last summer) I ran 10 mg of tbol a day for 4 weeks, I'm an easy gainer. I ran a pct (nolva/clomid) for both cycles but now, about 6 months...
  11. A

    Gyno and low test - need help!

    Hello all. Hope you can help me with this one. So couple months ago I did my first, really small dianabol cycle. I took it for about 6 weeks, only 20mg a day. After that period I just stopped taking it. Didn't take any pct cause I didnt feel any suppression. I felt just like before cycle...
  12. anonymity

    Prohormones vs AAS

    My personal experiences with prohormones are very limited, the only ones I have were run years ago and are Methyl Masterdrol and Methyl 1-D. I have always considered prohormones to be inferior compared with AAS, but in reading this forum it seems many people are getting similar results from...
  13. R

    End of cycle dilema

    Hey guys, I would appreciate some help. I know people are going to say I should have been better prepared for my cycle, and they are probably right. But it is what it is, and now I have to learn my lesson and try to make the most of it. First my stats: I have been going to the gym for many...
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