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    Hey mustang.. you still around?

    Is it possible for someone to delete all of my past posts? I've been a member for a long time, even before you became a Mod. You actually helped me out in the past. Anyway, I just dont want some of that info out there.

    Thanks bro.
    I usually go to "ovguide" for all the porn sites and then go to search for what I want to look at. Are there any porn sites that are known for not putting "spyware" onto your computer?
    hey bro, i posted way back on oct 2nd about training with ian harrison and i worried that i might bring him some bad publicity because it mentioned gear. i've tried goin back to edit it but i can't seemt to do it. if you could just delete my response in that thread i would GREATLY appreciate it. thanks and happy holidays...
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