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Approved Log My Diet Training LOG

i like this start of the log keep going
Thank you all for your encouragment! :)

I would like to answer to every message:
  • I don't want to do a zero-carbo diet, not because i can't but because it's really dangerous to do. We can't remove completely a macro from a diet, because doing so will cause an hormonal imbalance. Macros in a diet must be all present in the right quantity;
  • The Rye Bread that i mention in my diet is really low in calories and balanced (macros for a slice 60g);
  • I have to eat more good fat, yes. I was thinking about eggs for fat, but any suggestion is welcome.

Monday 04 September 2023

  • 60g rye bread with 2x whole eggs;
  • 4x almonds.
  • 100g white rice;
  • 200g chicken breast;
  • 200g zucchini.
Snack (will do at 16:00)
Dinner (will do at 20:00)
  • 70g white rice;
  • 200g chicken breast;
  • 200g pumpkin.
Integration (MyProtein):
  • Liquid L-Carnitin (i take Carnitin only when i go to gym);
  • 2x Alpha Men;
  • 1x Omega 3;
  • 1x CLA;
  • 1x Zinc & Magnesium;
  • 1x Vitamin E



  • 35 min cardio.
Evening (16:30)
  • chest, back and triceps.
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