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Approved Log My Diet Training LOG

I’m making changes on the diet as you suggested. Tomorrow i will start a zero carbo diet and will increase cardio during gym days.
Thank you guys :)
@Uranium96 good lets see you do it and update us
Hello, i'm here. Sorry if i have not posted for some days. I was busy with some family issues. :/

So, update!
153.6 Kg

Actual Diet: Ketogenic
3 days zero carbo, high protein high fat
1 day carbo recharge

Here's a picture


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Today clen has arrived at home.
I've seen that many of you don't want that i use this product yet, but i want to. It's just a little help in the right direction, since i have to do anyway 90% of the work.

So, could you please suggest me a Clen cycle?
I've seen that the 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off is popular.

Is this dosage correct?
(Numbers before dosage are days)
  1. 20mcg
  2. 40mcg
  3. 80mcg
  4. 120mcg
  5. 120mcg
  6. 120mcg
  7. 120mcg
  8. 120mcg
  9. 120mcg
  10. 120mcg
  11. 120mcg
  12. 80mcg
  13. 40mcg
  14. 20mgc
  15. 0mcg (starting the 2 weeks off)
Thanks in advance

Here's a side picture:


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