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  • Hey Quadsweep....I used to talk to you on here waaaaay back in the day....I just back on years later and older because I wanna make a big run at getting in shape after 2 shoulder surgeries since dec.
    sounds like you have your shit together, ok wont waste too much time. 34, 6'2, 215, working out 8 years steady and CLEAN. made the decision to try something extra. maybe shoulve done research first, didnt, here is problem. got 42 50 mg winnys, not sure how much milk thistle or anything else to take with. wanting to look good for my next fight, mma. going put in plenty of cardio, know how to work out , what do i stack, whats recipie for dragon winny 50s
    I just started a new business called we sell gallons of 99.99% pure 1,4 Butanediol ( a GHB precursor ) for $325.00 and we are offering them to moderators for $208.00 a gallon. If you are interested let me know via email through our website or you can call me.
    Jayson Lang
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