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  1. lora4ca

    Approved Log My Diet Training Log - female

    Initital Thread - Hello all, on this link you can read the initial thread, As i was eating a very low calorie and doing a lot of cardio, my hormones got really bad, i wasn't loosing at all weight as much as i exercised , and lately i had extreme water retention My stats: 26yo, 163cm and 56kg...
  2. lora4ca

    Messed my hormones - Help

    Hi, Long story short , i'm 26y.o , competed in 2021 , ended with binge eating , then bulimia and for the last 7-8months i would say i have a good relationship with food. Since sept last year i was diagnosticated with hypo and i'm on T4. I was feeling extremely fatigued, could'nt loose weight...
  3. 2

    Hypothyroid and sarms use

    my doctor had blood work done on me. He saw that I produce too much testosterone and my thyroid is coming back as hypothyroid. This may explain why I feel sluggish and tired all the time. I'm going on a natural thyroid supplement from my naturopath but wondering would sarms interfere with my...
  4. E

    Recently prescribed T3 (cytomel)

    Hey everyone I have been doing some research on this cytomel after being prescribed it for an augmentation for antidepressants as well as a low thyroid. I am currently taking 37.5 mcg (25 in the morning then 12.5 around 2-3pm). This is about my 3rd week taken it and I have noticed that if I take...
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