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Approved Log My Diet Training LOG

You have to learn a difference between good carbs and bad carbs. That's what a lot of overweight people don't understand.
And yes, don't even worry about carb reloading. That's a bunch of BS made up by the food companies.
We can definitely get u to a better more healthy place, you have to trust the process and need to make complete changes and cutting all carbs is the jump off point, you definitely are working backwards doing refeeds also no clen if anything try GW from Umbrella Labs that is more for you then clen is.
Yes guys, this time i'm really motivated and nothing will distract me from the objective.
I've talked with a friend that have a PhD in Nutrition and no, it's not possible at all to do 30 days zero carbo without compromising liver and kidneys.
Actually i'm using some test strips to check with the urine my ketosis, and we're on track!

This is my actual Diet:
Actual Weight:
167.6Kg -> 157.9Kg -> 153.6Kg

Day 1-3

Breakfast: 3x whole egg + 100ml egg white + 6x almonds
Lunch: 200g chicken breast/cod + 200g zucchini
Snack: 2x whole egg + 100ml egg white + 6x almonds
Dinner: 200g chicken breast/cod + 200g zucchini
Integration: 2x Alpha Men, 3x Omega 3, 4x CLA, 2x liver protector (artichoke, dandelion and milk thistle), 2x ashwagandha

Day 4 (Carbo Recharge)
I usually go to a japanese restaurant and eat raw salmon, white rice, venus rice, shrimps (of course not 6kg, but ponderated)

Gym: 3 Times per week
What's this mean?
What's this mean?
I think he is saying he is trusting the advice of his friend who has a PhD in nutrition maybe a dietitian of some sort ? He is saying zero carbs will damage liver and kidney, if that was the case my moms bloodwork would look awful because she does Keto and has for the last 2 years and her labs are perfect. I don't know what he is truly saying just my best guess.
Update: I've changed my diet according to your suggestions. :)
Actual Weight: 152.9Kg

Tomorrow i will post the new diet play and the full update about my training at the gym.

Thank you guys!
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