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Approved Log My log for second Cycle testosterone primobolan

Greetings to all readers of my log. And so let's start in order and continue:
As I wrote earlier I had a plan to start a new cycle of primobolan - testosterone e, but after the end of the cycle of turinabol - propionate I decided to bring all the tests to normal, from blood to semen, and I continue to do it and share my results.

I will write briefly about myself, because often there are questions about diet and training.
I work at sea, Engineer . As you understand at sea, I can not weigh and count my food, but excluding experience, I already do it by eye.
Now in the sea food is like this
Breakfast 06:30 I put off meat/fish rice/ pasta or porridge.
Snack 07:30 protein 60g / 50g oatmeal.
Snack : 09:00 5 egg whites
Lunch 11:30 meat/fish rice/pasta/potatoes/vegetables
Snack 13:00 protein 60g / 50g oatmeal
Snack 15:00 rice / pasta / meat / fish
Dinner 18:30 cottage cheese / banana / raisins / peanut paste / jam
It's like luck with food, I take what the cooks put out.

But at home I fully weigh, count every gram of carbohydrate, protein, fat.

Training: since I have no days off and my shift is 12 hours from 06:30 to 18:30, on the day of training I get up at 04:20 and from 04:40-06:00 gym. And so 3 days a week .
Weights and exercises are different in the sea from home training, because the equipment is not very much, and I work exclusively on the feeling.
But at home is a full-fledged gym .

I think there is no sense to describe each exercise, but if someone is interested, I can make a list of how I work out at sea and at home.
Thanks to all who have read .
great update bro
Stay hydrated and get ample rest for overall well-being...A well-rounded fitness routine combines diet and training for optimal results.
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