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Approved Log My log for second Cycle testosterone primobolan



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Hi colleagues, here are the results of the tests.
I took 14 days of clomid 50 mg. The last dose was August 27. Testosterone has already come back to normal, but I've messed up my sperm count.
@bytuk well I dont speak this language but I can guess that means estrogen is high and I saw your kidney functions not good

so clarify are you still on cycle now or you done with PCT?
I took Clomid 50mg for 14 days. The last dose was August 27.
Now vitamin E -600mg, ZMA complex, coenzyme q10, daily vitamin complex, omega 3, folic acid 900.

I didn't like the sperm gram.

Estradiol and urea are elevated.
Fibrinogen is low.
bros im confused so you DONE with pct and not on cycle?
Yes brother, there was recovery after 12 weeks of the Cycle , and planned to start the next on September 20, but now I think until the sperm tests are in bad condition , need to fix it , I will not start the new cycle .
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