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Approved Log My Diet Training Log - female

ok, i thought that 5mg is low 😅
also i'm taking dhea 50mg , should i increase to 100mg?

can you handle on empty stomach before cardio? if you can you'll shred up with it
your vacation diet is better than 99% of american diets lol
This are my meals from the week that i was on vacation , i know that are not the best but i tried , my weight dropped half kilo, last week was 56,3kg today 55,8kg
the ingredients of the oat bar are: Dates 44%, peanut butter 33% (100% peanuts), hydrolysed pea protein 16.5%, chocolate 6% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract), cookie flavor, natural vanilla flavor, salt .
From today i'm back on track and no more protein bars
Wednesday 16/08Thursday 17/08Friday 18/08Saturday 19/08Sunday 20/08Monday 21/08Tuesday 22/08
Breakfast: 30gr oats, 30gr vegan protein, 24 almonds , 1 small tomato
Snack: 1 protein bar
Lunch: 90gr chicken breast, 130gr raw sweet potato, 50gr plain greek yoghurt 2% fat, 1tsp olive oil
Dinner: 50gr oats, 30gr vegan protein, 30 almonds
aprox 1540cals 139C 119P 60F
Breakfast: 1 vegan protein bar
Snack: 30gr mortadella , 60gr gouda cheese 1 small peaches (260gr)
Lunch: 90gr chicken breast, 1tsp olive oil, 30gr oats
Snack: 30gr vegan protein , 60gr parmigianno cheese , 30gr smoked turkey
aprox 1380cals 76C 108P 72F
Breakfast: 90gr chicken breast, 1tsp olive oil 1 small peach, 30gr parmesan cheese , 30gr smoked turkey
Lunch: 90gr chicken breast , 2 small peaches, 1tsp olive oil
Snack: 30gr oats, 20gr vegan protein, 10almonds
Dinner: 60gr smoked turkey, 200gr grilled vegetables , 1 scoop of ice cream (70gr)
aprox 1430cals 108C 102P 70F
Breakfast: 90gr chicken breast , 1 egg, 1 small tomato and 1tsp olive oil
Snack: 1 medium peach , 10gr pistachio, 50gr parmesan cheese
Lunch: 90gr chicken breast, 40gr oats, 1 tbs olive oil , 1 medium peach
Snack: 1 vegan oat bar, 1 medium peach
Dinner: 100gr beef , 100gr raw potato with 1tbsp olive oil, 1 scoop of ice cream (aprx 70gr)
aprox 2300cals 173C 166P 109F
Breakfast: 90gr chicken breast, 24gr smoked turkey, 1 small tomato and 1 medium peach
Snack: 30gr vegan protein, 30gr oats, 20gr almonds
Lunch: 1 vegan oat bar , 90gr chicken breast
Dinner: 40g smoked turkey, 60gr pecorino cheese, 200gr grilled vegetables, 1tsp olive oil , 20gr olives
aprox 1510cals 89C 122P 76F
Breakfast: 1 egg, 30gr oats, 30gr smoked turkey , 20gr almonds, 1 medium peach
Lunch: 70gr chicken breast, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 small tomato, 200gr grilled vegetables
Snack: 2 peaches , 1 vegan oat bar
Snack: 34gr vegan protein, 30gr oats, 25gr almonds
Dinner: 160gr chicken , 100gr grilled vegetables, 1tsp olive oil , 160gr ice cream
aprox 2300cals 185C 152P 109F
Breakfast: 80gr chicken breast, 1 small peach, 1mgr peanuts

Snack: 1 vegan oat bar, 1 medium peach

Lunch: 20gr smoked turkey, 30gr parmesan cheese, 250gr grilled vegetables, 1tbs olive oil

Dinner: 150gr plain greek yoghurt 0 fat, 1 medium peach , 20gr cheese
aprox 1200cals 110C 84P 50F
great log here
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