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Ironmaster Dumbbells


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Does anyone have any experience with the older style (5 years old) Ironmaster Quickchange Dumbells and Super Bench(same age)? I was wondering if there are any differences between the old and new. I would also like to know if the optional equipment that Ironmaster sells would be compatible with the 5 year old set. I would love to buy a new set for my son, but most of my dough goes to saving for college for two kids, and the rest of my dough tanked in the stock market this week! I emailed Ironmaster, but have not heard back yet. They seem to make a quality product.
I bought the super bench and I love it. It is very comfortable and very sturdy. It is pricey but if you are definitely planning on having it for a while IMO it is worth it. I don't know much about the dumbbells but from what I read they seem like a great product.
I have the Ironmaster dumbbells and the 120lb add on kit. They are simply amazing. I paid $720 for the dumbbells and the add on kit delivered like 5 years ago. I think the price has gone up a little since then though.

These are the only adjustable dumbbells that I have found that actually feel like standard dumbbells. There is absolutely zero rattle or slop. You can drop them too if you feel like it.

You won't find a set of dumbbells from 5-120lbs each for even twice the price. Also, the fact that they only take up a 2'x 2' area makes them priceless.
Thanks. I was able to purchase a used set of (new style) dumbbells along with a Super Bench that's in like-new condition. It also has the dip attachment and decline/crunch attachment.
Price: $100.00 for everything! It's the 75lb. set, but at the price I paid upgrading won't be too bad.
Can someone explain to me what these iron master dumbell kits are? They sound good from what I've heard :p
Go to They are adjustable dumbbells that when tightened are pretty much using a cast gym-quality dumbbell. They also make a nice bench and other home gym equipment. The dumbbells are outstanding.
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