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  1. L

    first steroid cycle ? tips and suggestions

    what's up roid heads :) ... I'm 19 and touched my first weight about 4-5 years ago. I started getting really consistent with weights and dieting 3 years ago (consistently) ... so now im here. I want to do my 1st cycle. Currently sitting at 175 llbs and im 5'10. Im docusing on calisthenic...
  2. R

    How much is a home gym?

    how much do you think a decent home gym will cost me. I have about $4,000 saved up so far and I would like to purchase some items for my garage. This space I have to work with is about 350 square feet (2 car garage) so I think it's enough space to put in a decent gym
  3. M

    Proper way to bench press

    I was bench pressing the other day and someone came up to me and was making fun of me with his friend saying that I was bouncing the weight off my chest. I don't see a problem with that because I see guys on video doing it all the time. What is the purpose of bringing the bar down and pausing...
  4. N

    office job making me more lazy

    looking for some knowledge and tips on what you should do when you have an office job and sit around for 8 hours straight staring at a computer in a desk I’m not used to this having worked construction for years. I feel very mentally and physically tired after work and don’t feel like working...
  5. W

    Powerlifting course

    What kind of injectable steroids are usually used by powerlifters?
  6. D

    Is this possible in 6 months?

    Sziasztok. Nem tudom, hogyan kezdjem :) 6 hónappal ezelőtt az unokatestvérem 120 font volt. Mindig tőle voltam: erősebb, okosabb és karcsúbb. 110 font vagyok. 6 hónap után most találkoztam vele először. Nem ismertem. Fogyott és izmos lett. Most 100 font és tiszta izom (mint a testépítők.) Kézzel...
  7. T

    Want some help and proper guidance.

    Hey, first time on here. Been working out for about a year just about 2. Just recently I had finished my first cycle. Test E. 500mg a week for 12 weeks. Just did a basic clomid dosage from what I’ve got from people online for a PCT. Everything feels fine. So far. Haven’t lost much for gains...
  8. E

    Opinions On These 5 Booty Sculpting Exercises Please

    I've written a report on what I think are the 5 Best booty scuplting exercises - would love to hear people's opinions on what they've had success with! > Thanks babes! :daisy:
  9. dorin76

    First time Tren user

    Hi guys, I acquired some Tren and have never used it before, or yet. I have questions about side effects from those who have use it and how was recovery of yours? Did you lose sex drive? For how long? I have been told from Experienced users, to run with HCGenerate and Cardarine while on cycle...
  10. J

    Need some advice on my cycle

    Im starting my first cycle soon and I want to get the most advice possible before I start. Im going with Deca Durabolin 300 mg and Testosterone Cypionate 300 mg. Im gonna take half a CC every other day. Would that be fine? Im 5'8" 195 lbs and 22 years old. I think I just want to do one or two...
  11. P

    Thoughts on my new cycle before I start

    Hi guys, I would really appreciate your opinions on a cycle I would like to start!! I'm not new to steroids but only administer orals, as I'm a whimp when it comes to injections. I have always been a hard gainer and that was the reason I turned for that bit of extra help. My first ever cycle...
  12. R

    uneven body parts

    Hello everybody! This is my first time writing with a problem. I lift weights for one year and doing gymnastic for my scoliosis . but my body is growing uneven. At first i notice that my right leg is smoller than my left really bothered me and i started doing unilateral exercises ( that...
  13. J

    Bio ts400

    I just started my cycle of bio ts400 and I'm two weeks in injecting 1ml every 7 days. I was told I don't need to take anything with it or after if I just bring myself off of it ending with 0.25ml for the last 2-3weeks. Is this true? If not what would someone recommend? I have heard to stay away...
  14. T

    Should I train

    I got diagnosed with strep yesterday Thursday December 10 and given antibiotics and dexadron for anti inflammatory my dosages of dexadron are done now just on the antibiotics for the strep , I feel a lot better now since I couldn't even swallow before now I'm eating like normal, would I be able...
  15. O

    Help on the best steroid for beginner

    Hello everyone. I am a 26 year old male who is 5 ft 5". Who recently started lifting weights. I want to start the use of steroids but don't know what to use. I am currently skinny so my goal is to add muscle and look ripped like a model but not big like a body builder. I have read that...
  16. P


    I'm currently thinking about going on my first cycle and need some advice. I've done some research but first hand knowledge from the community is second to none. I'd just like any and all input. I've been doing triathlons for two years now just as a way to break the mold from my previous...
  17. J

    natural max bench

    Maximum single rep bench press for natural lifters who have never taken steroids?
  18. J

    First cycle. Test for athletic performance

    Hi Guys, I am looking to run my first cycle. I am a complete newbie to gear... but NOT to training. I have 5+ years of training under my belt in a high performance environment with brilliant coaches and I believe I know what I am doing. I do a lot of power lifting, Olympic weightlifting, some...
  19. N

    First cycle

    I'm doing my first cycle really to just get my body acquainted with the drugs. I'm taking testosterone, Winstrol, anastazole For PCT I have clomed and taxifoxon. Again I'm not doing much just getting my body into it maybe a little gains and massive cutting I'm also taking animal Pak, animal...
  20. C

    Friendly help Anavar+Halodrol cycle

    Hey guys so i am looking to start an Anavar/Halodrol cycle, i am 21 years old 5 foot 9 inches tall, 185 pounds 15% bf; prior experience is that i have taken halodrol before when i was 18 for 5 weeks and got pretty decent results haven't taken anything since. Just help a brother out and let me...
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