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Approved Log My Harp2011 Serious help cutting log - Female

Feb 5

10 GW+ 10 mgOstarine, 7 N2Guard
2 N2Slinx before meals

Press T1
2 sets of 10 x 45lbs, 8 x52.5, 7x 62.5, 6x 67.5, 5x62.5, 5x62.5, 3 sets of 8x57.5, 13x47.5

Incline Bench Press T2
2sets of 8 x47.5, 8x67.5,
5 sets of 8x72.5

Incline DB Press T3
3 Sets of 10 x 35 lbs

Work interrupted my workout.
Food looked like
4 eggs, 40g of high fiber oatmeal,isopure whey isolate, cashews, 2 tbsp fish oil, chicken breasts.

Wierd day, see you tomorrow!
good work here
Feb 8
2 Alcar, coffee, 3 Need2Guard
10 mg cardarine+ostarine

Bench Press
10x45lbs, 10x65lbs, 8x85lbs

4 sets
Super set DB bench Press 15x 30lbs
Super set DB Flyes. 10 x25lbs

Bent over barbell row
10x 75lbs , 4 sets 10x85lbs

V-handle landmine rows
10x75, 4 sets of 10 x 85lbs

Mountain climbers HIT, squat jumps
Crunches2 sets of 10


200g steamed brussel sprouts

4.6 tritip sirloin lean only

40g bobs redmill oatmeal

30 g Better body chia

2 scoops isopure whey protein

2 tbsp barleans fish oil

3 caps N2Guard

2 oz Chicken breast

1 cup spinach

3 tbsp salsa fresca

1 tbsp arctic d fish oil
Interesting what Is the Landmine Row? I haven't heard of it and you got me really curious about it.

Diet looking great as always 😎
Use a V-handle attachment, bar, under tgw landmine. Basically narrow grip row, allows heavy, hits the back differently than barbell row. Probably close to how a close grip chin up look/feel. Working on assisted chinups and these for building that strength, nerves , cutting the chub etc :)
Feb 9
2 Alcar, coffee, 3 Need2Guard
10 mg cardarine+ostarine

4 mile fasted run, with hill intervals

Meal 1
100g brussel sprouts
100g guac
2 cups spinach
1oz cashews
3.1 oz steak
1oz fish oil, 3N2guard

10x45lbs, 8x75, 2x5x95,
4x5x115, 3x8x95

DB Glute bridge

Glute bridge
4 x10xbw

Run felt great in the am, definitely more stamina and i was very excited about it. Weight workout was meh, I’m a bit distracted today. Better tomorrow.
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