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    Anyone heard of 10x10 training?

    Has anyone ever heard of this 10x10 training that my cousin recommended i try So basically on bench day you would just do 10 sets of 10 and the 10th rep would be close to failure each time Same goes on arm day or back day etc. just picking 1 compound lift and doing it
  2. G

    Female needs steroids to get strong

    I work out at a meathead gym because I have my job next door at the sub shop so it's walking distance and the owner of the gym also owns the shop so I get a free membership the problem is the guys in there give me a hard time they're always pushing me off the equipment and making fun of me for...
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    want to get stronger female

    I’m super tiny. I’m only 5’1’’ and 105 pounds I can barely bench the bar at the gym and people make fun of me. My boyfriend refuses to train with me cause he is too embarassed. I want to surprise everyone and get stronger fast. What is the steroid I can use to get stronger?
  4. R

    planned workouts ruined

    I am following some workout programs that require specific exercises on specific days. But what if I get to the gym and there is a bunch of people waiting to use the bench and people are getting impatient where my lifts are rushed? The other day I put my stuff down on a bench and went to get a...
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    3 day split routine check

    Please check this and let me know what you think all these lifts are going to be 8X8, 8 sets and 8 reps close to failure Sunday Dips and Curls Tuesday Squats and lower legs Thursday Bench and pullups
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    Using dumbbells for chest

    my gym gets pretty packed when I go work out in the afternoon and usually the bench presses are all used up and I don't have much options. I was thinking of trying to use dumbbells for the time being until I can change the time my workout. What do you think about this strategy and how much...
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    Young guy and sarms

    I'm 24 years-old I bench almost 300 lb I swapped over 400 I'm only 175 lb I consider myself one of the strongest guys in my gym pound-for-pound. I ran a couple cycles of steroids in the past which was a mistake because I'm too young. Looking to transition to sarms this time. looking to add...
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    How to improve my bench press

    it's embarrassing how little I can bench. I was working out with a bunch of buddies in mine and I'm the weakest one of the group. I can only bench 125 pounds which is not even one plate on a side. How do I improve my bench press and can you give me some motivation and tell me how much you...
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    Shoulder pain in the gym

    I worked out my chest over the weekend and I couldn't move my arm afterwards. It's been a week and I tried bench and one plane to warm up and I started to feel a weird pain coming from my shoulders. I consider my form to be good can you tell me what's going on I'm only 25 and already having problems
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    Learning how to box squat properly

    My form isn't that good with squatting so someone said to try box squats. Do I have to get one of those squat suits with the straps or can I just do them without. Someone mentions about something called Groove briefs? also what are you doing if I don't have access to an actual box do you just...
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    Tight Shoulders/Long arms/ Bench press/Bodybuilding

    Quick Question: :confused: I have preety long arms and whilst training dumbell/bar bench press including incline, decline, dumbell flys,especially CABLE FLYS my shoulders always start to burn way before my chest and i usually have to stop because my shoulders are too tired and not my chest...
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    Does inzer still sell the ultimate denim??

    Does inzer still sell the ultimate denim??
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    Super duper phenom help?????????:(

    Im a 275 raw bencher. Im breaking my phenom in and its not extreamly tight but its pretty damn snug, just puttin it on hickeys my arms and chest but anyways, im not even getting 30 pounds out of this damn thing, i got the collar pulled down to my sterdum and the sleeves twisted and only 30 out...
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    5x5 bench lagging behind?

    Hey all, novice lifter here. Was looking for a strength building program and stumbled upon the 5x5, Stronglifts version. It says to start with just the bar for squat, bench, and presses and add 5 pounds every workout. Well at the end of 12 weeks all the numbers would be personal records by a...
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    Time for a home gym

    After realizing I was wasting too much time driving to and from the gym only to use free weights and a power rack, I decided to build my own home gym. Basically I want a high quality, platform, bench, power rack with chinup and dip bars, a nice barbell with plates and some dumbells. Am I...
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    Craig Coombes smashed all time British Bench Record with 347.5kg

    On the Sunday 22nd May at the Body Power Expo in the NEC Birmingham England, Craig Coombes (108kg) went head to head with the man mountain Andy Bolton (160kg) for the title of Britain's biggest bencher. Craig came out top with all time British Record of 347.5kg and even attempted 355kg which...
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    Generally, how fast should I progress in weight.

    Hey EF just had a quick question, i know everyone is different with the progression of weights but I was wondering GENERALLY, with a proper routine ( im doing westside il post it below ) and a diet of eating mostly healthy things but eating like a horse (seefooddiet) :D how quickly should I be...
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    Ironmaster Dumbbells

    Does anyone have any experience with the older style (5 years old) Ironmaster Quickchange Dumbells and Super Bench(same age)? I was wondering if there are any differences between the old and new. I would also like to know if the optional equipment that Ironmaster sells would be compatible with...
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