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Approved Log My Testosterone Anavar Trenbolone Masteron Log

Wow late post from Monday took the weekend off, I had an amazing chest day. Comfortable with benching 415 again I want to stop at 550 bench no more is necessary for me. 6 different exercises. Did 45 min cardio. My meal consumption was 200mg protein. Based on steak and potatoes. 2 shakes. I'm sorry I'm not posting like I should. I will when I have time I'm getting killed at work. TUESDAY did shoulders I started with 45 min cardio treadmill on 4.5 decline 15. Killer!!! After I did barbell started with 125 for 20 reps full extensions down to chest. Followed by 225 for 13 reps then 275 for 8 was going for 315 but I didn't want to push it. Maybe next week?? After I did side lateral with dumbells both arms started with 60 12reps 75 10 reps 85 7reps then 55 for 25 reps 1 minute rest but last one is a superset. Rope face pulls or whatever they are called lol 4 sets whatever weight possible from low to max I superset this with straight bar raises to face. Then I use the squat machine the one that's padded I do it facing the machine and like a football drill touching the pads and pushing up do as much weight as possible 4 sets. Then dumbell bent over for rear delts I do 3 sets of failure. Sorry for the grammar and I'm still taking 3 anavar pills a day.
great update here
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