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Time for a home gym


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After realizing I was wasting too much time driving to and from the gym only to use free weights and a power rack, I decided to build my own home gym.

Basically I want a high quality, platform, bench, power rack with chinup and dip bars, a nice barbell with plates and some dumbells.

Am I forgetting anything?

Also, here's the catch. I don't have a garage, this would have to be in my living room. I have a small crawl space under my house. I would definitely need to have this reinforced correct?

Lastly, where's a good place to find deals on basic equipment like I described? What brands should I go for?
yup craigslist.. i sold my home gym on there and practically gave it away for nothing. the shipping cost alone for my rubber weights i'd use for clean and jerks was like 50 bucks.

personally i like going to a gym cause i need a spotter and i like to workout with other lifters, heck its good to watch other guys and learn some new lifts or ideas.. plus the chicks there give me something to show off for. so if you are gonna workout from home make sure you have a spotter and make sure you won't have a problem with motivation.
I want to get more equipment for home, for those days I dont have time. This would eliminate every possible excuse. I have a membership at work, one at a fitness club (with access to all of their ckubs) so having more options at home would make missing a workout almost nill.
I have likes and dislikes about all three. For example, at my work gym the trainers are great, but they never stop talking lol

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