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Lifting advice for fat loss

Hello ,
Lurker from long ago, trying to be brave.

I am 41 Female, 170lbs, 36% bf, 62 inches.
Current macros 1600 cals, 30/50/20…IF 14-16 hrs. im desk bound all day.
I have been lifting and running most of my life but have always had a tendency to get fatter/bigger unless i did very strict low calorie high cardio + lifting. Easier when i was in my late twenties and thirties not so much now but i am working on it.
I’m working out in my garage gym and have benches, barbells,plates, dumbbells ,weight rack, treadmill and spin bike.

I have been doing BBB cycles with some added accessories. Attached is the cycle im about to finish.
I have lost 25lbs and looking to get back to healthy 135lbs.

Any thoughts on my improving my next routine?

If you were my client I would have HIT training incorporated into the lifting session. Lots of super sets and drop sets. Keepin heart rate up whole workout
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