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first cycle diet, critique it!


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I want to make sure I am eating right for what I want to gain on my first cycle... Right now im 195lbs at a little more BF% than I want, around 10-11%.... Looking to do a first cycle of test e and dbol for the first 4 to bulk up.

My current diet is here... my main concern is if I am getting enough calories and protein...

7am: 4 eggs, 4-5 slices of turkey bacon, 2 pack sugar free oatmeal

9am: 2 scoops whey protein shake with unsweetend almond milk or water

10:30am: 8oz chicken, brown rice, broccoli

1:00pm: same meal maybe with sweet potato

3:30: Preworkout protein shake (260 cals/50g protein) or pro complex gainer (650 cals/ 60 protein/ 85g carbs)

6:30- post workout meal or shake

9-10pm: 2 scoops casein protein

It all usually works out to about 300g protein, 250g-300g carbs, 75g fat, and about 3500 cals....

Should I alter this at all for my first cycle? Please feel free to rip this apart... but CONSTRUCTIVE criticism lol...
I'd maybe up the calories to like 4250. Your a big guy you don't want to risk not eating enough. I'd also rely more on food and less on shakes. I mean your eating 3 shakes a day. It's not bad though just depends on your goals and how much you want to gain. I really hope you plan to bulk the whole cycle. A 4 week bulk isn't going to really do a whole lot.
yeah it will be just a 4-5 week cycle of bulking only, well 3 months test and and almost 2 pct, but should I even run anything longer than that being my first cycle? Or just stick with the plan?
195 @ 11% is pretty great dude
haha thanks man... just got the top 4 abs showing right now... i was down to 8% after doing the kris gethin 12 week trainer program (amazing program).... but I honestly dont care about the little bit more fat, I honesly felt like I could put up weight in the gym easier with just a little bit more fat on me. also im 6'0"... but looking to break that 200lb mark and stay there with this first cycle!

so...... 4000 calories? sounds like the plan
All I see is a bunch of shakes in there, where is the food? Food equals size not a diet filled with shakes. Whole food is the key. Beef, poultry, fish, pork, beans, rice, eggs, etc should be what your day revolves around. Not shake 1, 2, 3, bite of chicken, shake 4. Getting over 200 is easy just eat.

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I think you should get some carbs post workout.. instead of just a casein shake. So add in other meal in there, 45 minutes to an hour after your post workout shake. Something similar to your 10:30am meal. Lean Protein like fish or chicken.. with some good carbs. Your body is going to want need food at that time to replenish itself, you don't want to deprive it.
thanks...... I know theres a lot of shakes in there... thats really just because I just got my new complex gainer shake for a good protein shake with carbs pre-workout.... I will most likely only be doing 2 shakes, 3 max in one day and hopefully 4 solid meals, my breakfast with eggs and oatmeal and turkey bacon, then 3 with lean meat and slow digesting carb.... Should I try to cut the shakes even less?

Also I really don't have many carbs after I workout right now because i was used to that diet trying to cut some fat.... should I change that and have carbs all day instead of just before 4pm?
maybe its possible that the BF meter that I use at the gym isn't that accurate.... always between 10-11% but i just have the top 4 defined, the bottom is there, barely visible and not really defined...
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