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  • Thanks for the replies. I see what you mean, no juice for now. I have some good potential still to push up to atleast 85ish kg. I eat more than what wad written though. It was just my work meals before workouts, and what i mean is if my legs was stronger id probably weight alittle more. Thanks again.
    Have you seen my stats and I said I just got serious again but my diet is good never eat bad foods just real meals 7 years is how long I been working out
    Fuck'em! Coaching kids team again and other hockey is available. They're killing the league!
    ez i have posted my own thread i don't know if i didn't do something right, it comes up i get views but no responses. could you please help i am looking for someone who's knowledgable to give me an answer
    Tonight could be a let down game, Rangers coming off BIG win. And the Devils are rested. I wouldn't be totally shocked if the Devils won tonight. Still think the Rangers make it to the Final
    In a month you went from 170 to 191 and back to 175?

    Is this your 1st cycle?


    Yes this is my first cycle is that why im having problems?
    It gets pretty crazy. Hockey has replaced religion in Quebec. There were demonstrations outside the Bell Centre when Cunneyworth was named head coach. It's mostly media driven with 3 french papers trying to fill their pages and not enough french players either. Hartley is French. He does a lot of french television but certainly wouldn't be my first choice.
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