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Approved Log My Anavar Training and Diet Log - Female

I'm catching up on your log and I love it already
your pictures look fantastic you posted originally can't wait to see your updates
a lot of nurses and EMTs I know eat horrible
firefighters too way too much pizza on alcohol LOL
is that true that they drink a lot in your profession?
I wonder if it's a culture or if it's just based on what they see every day
I’m here! Training is going well, doing the same 4 day split. I am still running out of steam at end of workouts but rebound pretty quickly and I want to go back and do the workout again in the evening. Did notice a bit more of a pump on sunday doing shoulder/chest/tri. Feel pretty good and adjusted to the 5mg 2x a day now. Had the oiliness increase again, but that is chilling out. I feel really good otherwise, love the libido boost. Weight this morning was 125.6, I was steadily losing before I started the var and havent lost anything for the last 2 weeks, hanging at 125. I did splurge on some mexican this weekend and it was SO good, but im dialed back in. I will eat the same thing all week, including my macros in a pic too, lowered carbs a bit. I feel good here. This chix and pep prep is YUM.
@NurseLulu13 nice updates....keep going......
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