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  1. N

    how to boost appetite by changing my diet

    I was wondering how to change up my appetite via my diet right now my appetite is really bad I am having 2-3 protein shakes per day before my meals. Then I am usually losing my appetite while I am eating keeping my diet pretty bland doing mostly chicken breast and different types of vegetables...
  2. J

    top 5 worst foods for us?

    What are the top five worst foods that we can be putting in our body if we want a body build my main objective over the next year is going to be the build good quality lean muscle mass while also dropping body fat just curious for everybody’s list of the worst foods for us
  3. B

    healthy mexican food options?

    I’m looking to do some Mexican food dishes what do you recommend I try out next time I am at the grocery store? I’m tired of getting the boxed taco meals want to get something that’s more healthy and more appealing do you have any recipes to share?
  4. B

    beans and peas don’t agree with me

    need some advice on other options for protein besides beans and peas for someone who is a non meat eater they just don’t agree with my stomach anymore. My girlfriend cook me up a nice plate of them after the gym and I was on the toilet the next two hours
  5. T

    How to eat on DNP

    So i have been using DNP for the past week and following the low calorie strategy of 500cals a day Today i had 2 slices of pizza for dinner (250 calories each) and I immediately started to break out in a sweat and my heart started racing do you think that it's because of the high carbs hitting...
  6. B

    Best supplements to move bowels

    I'm following a carnivore diet and I'm eating a lot of meat the problem is I'm having a hard time going to the bathroom is there any supplements that I can take to help push things along I sit on the toilet like for an hour and nothing comes out no matter how hard I push and I'm starting to get...
  7. Z

    Sarms and fat loss quick

    what is the quickest way to lose fat with the help of sarms? I'm 217 lb 5'6 and around 20 to 25% body fat I do have muscle on my frame and I'm very strong. I work out five times a week at the gym but my diet has been where I've been lacking. I plan on cleaning that up and using clenbuterol and...
  8. N

    I enjoy italian food

    so I really enjoy eating Italian food but whenever I eat it I get extremely bloated and I know that it's not great for my physique I'm currently at 18% body fat and have some Pudge around my stomach. other than that I am pretty lean overall on my body how can I enjoy Italian food while still...
  9. K

    Anyone try packing healthy sandwiches?

    My friend lost a lot of weight switching to to eating BLAT sandwiches Anyone heard about this? Its a sandwich made up of bacon-lettuce-avocado-tomato with added sprouts I work at the Mill and I have to pack my lunch. I’m a big sandwich fan and its a lot easier to make them and put them in my...
  10. W

    What to do when food makes you sleepy?

    I am a big food person but I've noticed whenever I eat food especially on a steroid cycle I start getting sleepy I always need to take a nap for an hour or two after a meal. I've noticed if I eat some sugar afterwards it helps with energy but then I crash back down after. do you think that I'm...
  11. JimAbs43

    Podcast 546 - KISS Principle for Diet - how? 546 - KISS Principle for Diet - how?
  12. B

    Can you develop gyno from my diet?

    I have been learning about gynecomastia because I think I have it. it started with itchy nipples and then it gradually progressed to now I have a lump that's about a penny size under my left nipple I was wondering me being 21 years old if this has something to do with my diet which has changed a...
  13. S

    Hcg diet not around anymore?

    I'm interested in trying the HCG diet. One of my friends listens to a lot of joe rogan and it is pushed a lot on there along with other stuff The way i’ve read it was supposed to be done is you inject or take hcg supplements and then you Consume 500 to 800 calories a day you aren't allowed to...
  14. H

    Too much bloating when i eat

    I'm getting a lot of bloating especially after a larger meal my diet is pretty good too so I'm not really sure what is going on. it happens when I eat something like steak for example that is heavy it seems like it wouldn't make any sense for this to happen and I should be not having this issue...
  15. N

    Muscle burger recipe?

    What do you think about the following muscle burger recipe? Its gonna be 1 pound of sirloin beef 2 eggs 4 crackers smashed or raw oats Diced onions and garlic Salt and pepper Make into a patty and slow cook on the grill for 20 minutes Flip once and cook on other side for 8 minutes Wrap in...
  16. P

    Healthiest sub options

    Currently working at a sub shop and we get 1 free sub a day to take home After work i always do an hour of exercise and I've been doing my best to get into the best shape possible I'm at a loss at what kind of sub would be the best option for me to take home with me. what kind of bread what kind...
  17. A

    TexMex healthy food recipes

    My aunt is half mexican/half texan. She likes to cook up some mean chili Its really good and only takes 15 minutes to prepare. She uses a lot of things in it including black pepper, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, chili powder, and beef broth She also adds in tomato paste and...
  18. Topps_Baseball88

    Approved Log On the road of redemption cutting phase starting now

    For context before I start at the bottom of this are photos of what I looked like after 8 years of hard training other then over the counter supplements I used nothing else I built my base the correct way. Trt didn't come into the picture till I was in my 30s what you see with these photos is...
  19. G

    Cheapest food with highest calories/protein content?

    I'm not going to sugar coat it but I'm a college kid and I don't have much money lol I'm trying to gain muscle and bulk up my strategy right now is to eat whatever I can get my hands on. but I also want to keep my protein intake high to get the most bang for my buck Here is what my diet last...
  20. Y

    Best non dairy and non sugary bulking food?

    I want to do something a little bit different and bulk up going into the summer this time. I'm only 135 lb but I'm super lean so I have a lot of room to grow a friend of mine told me that beans and peas were really good for this and I tried them and it really upsets my stomach. another friend...
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