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Diet help?


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I hope that you will do a nice log journal for us
I really think you have the potential to go far with our guidance
we are happy to give you diet help but you gave us nothing to work with
please put up a log and let's help you get the body you want
Hey brothers!
I am preparing to post a log. Before I do I would like some input regarding diet. I am aiming to eat 5-7 meals a day (7 meals when I am not working and 5 when I am). I am looking to put on 25-30 pounds of muscle on this cycle and hopefully keep 20-25 pounds of muscle. My cycle will be 20 weeks and I will be running multiple compounds throughout. They are test, deca, mast, equipoise, dbol, anabol, tren. PCT is hcg, clomid, novaldex, armidex.

For my diet, should I be looking to consume 2 grams protein per kg? and what should I be looking at for carbs and fats?

Planning my diet is the most important part for me, and also the hardest. I eat alot when I am not on cycle. While on cycle, I eat like a mother fucker. I am trying to plan on what to meal prep so I am always gtg.

This is by far the biggest cycle I have ever done and I expect to get phenomenal results.

Any insights are greatly appreciated.


meal prep is huge. have to do this weekly for a high success rate
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