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  1. C

    Changing macros with supplements

    I’ve heard a lot of different options with macros Anything from 10% fats to 20% or more I’ve also heard that 45% protein is the sweet spot while others say it should be 55% Basically i’m looking to cut down and want to use supplements to aid that too Any recommendations to supps that are under $45?
  2. JimAbs43 Hardcore 31 - IIFYM principles, macros real? Hardcore 31 - IIFYM principles, macros real?
  3. L

    Bodybuilder macros opinions

    So I was doing some research on bodybuilding macros throughout the day I've come up with some conclusions I would like to run by you for a normal 200-pounder I should be aiming for around 3000 calories on average. More if I am bulking and less if I am cutting as far as macros I should be...
  4. P

    Missing macros

    What are the best supplements to take that can fill in for my missing macros? let's say I miss a meal because I forget or because I'm super busy and I don't have time to cook. What's a supplement that I can take that can make up for it or I can still make up my macros
  5. H

    Do you honestly count macros?

    There are some really clever calculators out there that I can download onto my computer or put on my smartphone as an app that can help me count when I'm eating everyday my question is how many of you actually count how much macros are getting per day and do you try to get in a certain amount
  6. K

    egg whites out of carton

    it is so much easier to just eat eggs out of cartons that are the egg whites. I am just too busy to cook my own eggs so that is what I am going to to from now on anyone else try this and does it really matter if I get my eggs from a carton or the real thing? I mean they both are the same macros
  7. E

    Fitting in my macros in college

    Okay so i have my macros set and try and hit 2600 calories a day. The problem is my schedule with my classes is set for next semester and this is what it will look like until Xmas. 8-11am 5 days a week Add afternoon classes from 2-5pm 3X per week And a late class once a week 7-9pm Is...
  8. R

    difference between burgers

    what is the difference between eating a burger I get from a fast food joint and a burger I make at home? Aren’t they the same macros and calories anyway? So why not just eat what they make at the fast food place instead since it is way cheaper and less hassle from going through the trouble of...
  9. N

    Such thing as too much vegetables?

    I am going to start cutting because I'm in really bad shape worse I've been in my life and it's time to get things turned around. When I'm cutting down how many vegetables am I supposed to be eating. If I eat a bunch of salad and a bunch of green vegetables is there such thing as too many...
  10. S

    best fat sources

    looks like the science has turned pro fat over the past decade. What are the best fat sources for 2021 we should be going after? Is dairy and cheese okay where I can add that to my meals, I seem to be addicted to cheese. I’m mostly on a chicken and rice diet and my goals is to hit 50% fat with...
  11. S

    AAS Bulk/Cut Question

    I've been reading on many forums for a couple of years now and I'm about to start my first real cycle. I am looking for some opinions or advice on best way to approach the diet aspect though. 35 5'10" around 15-16% body fat. Been training off and on since high school, lowest I've ever been...
  12. A

    Macros and calories on the cycle

    Hi guys My stats 19 y/o 178cm 79kgs About 11-12% bodyfat Was skinny fat, now gain some muscles on and cut a bit I'm gonna have cycle of test p 100mg eod and winstrol 50mg per day So I ate 2800-2900 kcal to maintain my weight after cutting (was 93kgs and about 20% bodyfat) and now decided to...
  13. F

    first cycle diet, critique it!

    I want to make sure I am eating right for what I want to gain on my first cycle... Right now im 195lbs at a little more BF% than I want, around 10-11%.... Looking to do a first cycle of test e and dbol for the first 4 to bulk up. My current diet is here... my main concern is if I am getting...
  14. crulexis

    How is this for Epi / Kata? Help Please!

    I'm going to start using Epi-Kata Stack for 4 or 6 weeks sometime next week... Also using ECA / T3&Clen - PurpleK - BCAA'S Stats: I am 23 , BF is 16-17% ... 204Pounds // 5'11 // Been lifting for 8 years. Not sure If I should run the stack for 4 weeks or 6 what do you guys think? Currently...
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