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Approved Log My Anavar Training and Diet Log - Female

This is what my app has for tomorrow, see anything I need to add/change??

Tuesday: (glutes and hamstrings)

High stance leg press 4 x 10 140lbs
Smith M RDL 3 x 8 110
3 x 10 25lb DBs
Glute dom bulg split squat R
Glute dom bulg split squat L
3 x 10 30lb DB
Single leg RDL R
Single leg RDL L
@NurseLulu13 training day is on point
but I would do lungest a bit in there UP it
and add leg press higher reps 20 rep set with lower weight
Did not increase my dose. It is hard for me to really tell what I am taking due to the pills being so small. I was looking for 2.5mg when I ordered but couldn’t find them.

I am doing BB hip thrusts on Tuesdays.

I am open to a different training program. I can also do more reps with less weight if that would be better. Please advise. I’m not doing any cardio.

Not much has changed diet wise. Still eating on the ground turkey bowls/lettuce wraps. Greek yogurt/berries, eggs. Daves kill bread. Whey protein. Albacore tuna.
@NurseLulu13 I actually want to see you do less weight more reps, think tight muscle bellies and less bodyfat

on the cardio add some treadmill walk before and after training on an incline around 2.5 speed 4 incline slow walk 15/15

albacore tuna dont eat more than 1 time/week due to heavy metals, you have other fish?

on the Anavar, you might need better tabs IMO @s.gentz gave you Greg he's legit very trusted

btw, @s.gentz has a LOG also on our sister site EVO:
Training was good yesterday, added in the 15/15 cardio like recommended. Added some more fruit and raw almonds to diet. Domestic Supply var should arrive today, very quick esp coming from the opposite coast. Felt a bit weird yesterday evening like a couldn't sit down kind of anxiety, was gross. Couldn't eat dinner but was able to settle down after about 2 hours and forced a protein bar. I slept surprisingly well after all of that minus the 5 times I was up to pee from 8p-12a. Hope that feeling doesn't continue. Tomorrows training:

Thursday: (shoulders, chest, tri)
Standing DB shoulder press 4 x 10 20lb DBs
3 x 10
Single arm cbl chest press R
Single arm cbl chest press L
DB lateral raise 3 x 10
Superset x 3
Overhead DB tri extension 8
Tricep kickbacks 12
T-raise 2 x 8
I have felt this feeling before, but it has been years, back when I was drinking to much. - All was well, I had a great day, so not sure where it came from. -Feel fine this morning. Hoping that it doesn’t come back.
I also get that way occasionally. No idea where it comes from. Maybe just stress?
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