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Approved Log First Dbol Cycle Log

make sure those mashed potatoes are from scratch and not the powdered stuff
I agree with a couple of the guys up above that your shoulders don't need to be worked that much
Day 2 of 20mg mk, N2Guard and 25mg Dbol. I’ve been eating a ton for the past few days and drinking a lot of water. I was a little disappointed in the scales this morning. I’m down 3 pounds. 176 today. Hopefully when everything gets to working that will turn around and go the right direction.
@J-absher you just started so dont worry but "eating a ton" what does that mean? can you share what you're eating thats where gains are
2 breakfast bowls with eggs, potatoes, cheese, ham

2 Apples

Lunch - chicken/dumplings, cornbread, green beans, corn

Mass Gainer shake

Dinner- beef tips, mashed potatoes, white bread

2 apples

10mg Aromasin
20mg mk
25mg Dbol

Workout. Biceps
High curls 10 reps x3
Concentration curls. 15 reps x3
Waiter curls 15x5
Hammer curls. 15x5
Bent over curls 12x5
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