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    Boosting calories and carb supps

    I am super skinny I weigh about 130 lb and I'm almost 6 ft tall a friend of mine said I should start supplementing with supplements that contain extra calories and carbs. Is this the best way to gain weight or should I do something else when it comes to supplementation
  2. R

    can you screwup sr9009?

    I have been using sr9009 for the past 8 weeks and no fat loss at all I’m 280 pounds roughly and my body fat is high. Maybe 30% or more 23 years old and 5’11’’ why am I not losing weight? I am eating like 2500 calories a day only and even less. Today I had a burrito and a burger only and still am...
  3. A

    best thing to stack with creatine?

    I got a nice big tub of creatine on sale for like twenty bucks at the grocery store. I'm really excited to try this stuff but I know that creatine isn't really a strong supplement. if I want to get big results in the gym what would you add to this. I was thinking of getting some of those big...
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    Need diet tips

    I eat Five or six meals a day. Each meal is about 800 or 900 calories so I'm getting in over 4000 calories a day. I eat mostly carbs and the rest is protein. I have a cheat meal on the weekends usually some ice cream or pizza. And I drink 1 gallon of water a day. What changes would you make here...
  5. N

    Can sweet potatoes make you fat?

    What do you guys think about sweet potatoes. I used to like eating them but I found out they have a lot of calories so I'm not sure if they're going to be able to fit into my macros do you think that it would be okay to eat one a day or do you think I should avoid them
  6. M

    Burning more calories when working out

    what are some strategies to help me burn more calories while I am working out because my goals are a lot of fat loss I heard stories of guys wearing huge sweaters and sweating a lot. I've also heard people say that they wear things to help keep them up during the workout because it will burn...
  7. N

    pre workout flash point

    I got the flashpoint preworkout which was fruit punch flavor and tried it out to help with energy and focus in the gym. It only has 5 calories per scoop. I tried it before my workout and I didn’t notice any difference in my performance. Anyone try these types of preworkouts and get better...
  8. I

    Cheat meals okay?

    If i have a daily cheat meal do you think it is okay like to eat mcdonalds once a day as long as i fit my calories in and am exercising. My trainer said it was okay because diet isn’t that important and he eats a lot of junk food and is still ripped. He said as long as I'm bulking it's fair...
  9. P

    Time to bulk up

    I’m 22 years old 180 lb 6ft tall 18% body fat I don't care anymore I've tried cutting down and when I do it seems like I lose all my strength so I just want to bulk up and see what happens. I've increase my calories to 4000 a day and I'm doing over 400 carbs. I plan on lifting at least four...
  10. E

    Fitting in my macros in college

    Okay so i have my macros set and try and hit 2600 calories a day. The problem is my schedule with my classes is set for next semester and this is what it will look like until Xmas. 8-11am 5 days a week Add afternoon classes from 2-5pm 3X per week And a late class once a week 7-9pm Is...
  11. W

    best diet for runner

    I am going to start running because I am sick of weight training. So I plan on competing in some long distance runs, gonna do the Key’s run later this year which is over 50 miles. My question is how do runners usually eat to stay so lean year round like they are? Is there a specific diet they...
  12. M

    Interesting study on calories

    I came across this study it's a bit old it's about 12 years old but it shows that when you list and count calories that you will end up eating more. the reasoning is people will see the amount of calories in think that I can eat more because it won't hurt me going a little bit above the calorie...
  13. N

    no BS bodybuilding?

    I remember these guys on facebook who I used to be into, they seem to have disappeared but they were called “No BS bodybuilding” and they said that you can eat ice cream, cake, cookies and anything you want as long as it fits your macros and that calories are calories. The thing is none of...
  14. B

    do women fast different than men?

    I am starting to get into fasting, I compete at high levels. I used to do low calories before competitions and felt awful, but started doing fasting and feel high energy. I do not understand the science as to why that happens, still learning. But my main question is should women fast...
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    calories and losing weight

    just chiming in if you guys have read some of the data coming out over the past decade about calories and how they aren’t as important to weight loss as people think. Like the Bialik study that came out shows that when you eat less calories it does not convert to weight loss like people think...
  16. A

    Nutrition for maximizing muscle gains

    New article by the folks at Myolean Fitness on nutrition for building muscle: Cliffs: 1. Eat in a surplus of 200-300 calories per day 2. Set protein intake at around 1 gram per lb of LBM and split daily intake into 3-5 protein feedings...
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    Macros and calories on the cycle

    Hi guys My stats 19 y/o 178cm 79kgs About 11-12% bodyfat Was skinny fat, now gain some muscles on and cut a bit I'm gonna have cycle of test p 100mg eod and winstrol 50mg per day So I ate 2800-2900 kcal to maintain my weight after cutting (was 93kgs and about 20% bodyfat) and now decided to...
  18. M

    How does my diet on cycle look?

    Hey guys, this is my first post here so any and all critique will be taken into consideration :) Apologies if I'm breaking protocol by not posting an intro thread in the designated section (I couldn't find one) Stats Age:21 Height 5,9 Weight: 187lbs BF: 14% Maintenance Cals (off cycle): ~2.2K...
  19. I

    How to track nutrition with bloat from dbol/test e

    Hi everyone, new to the forum. Hope I am able to be thorough enough for basic information. I am currently on my first cycle, running dbol 40mg ED (10 mg split doses throughout the day), Test E 600 mg/week (300 mg Mon/Thurs), and HCG at 500iu/wk (250iu Mon/Thurs). Adex .25mg EOD. My body stats...
  20. F

    first cycle diet, critique it!

    I want to make sure I am eating right for what I want to gain on my first cycle... Right now im 195lbs at a little more BF% than I want, around 10-11%.... Looking to do a first cycle of test e and dbol for the first 4 to bulk up. My current diet is here... my main concern is if I am getting...
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