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Approved Log My Cardarine (GW-501516) Cycle Log

be careful with processed Meats like sausage they are full of nitrates
pic from Monday, not today sadly, will post more as progress happens.

Thru training log (back day)
Took 5mg wakeup
took 5mg 1 hour before workout
didnt feel hungry so i just lifted fasted today with surprisingly huge pumps. I had so many veins in my forearms ive never seen even with pre-workout (2 scoops gorilla mode)

Not sure exactly how yall want the lifting formatted but some highlights:
215lbx10 (4 sets) bent over barbell rows. Usually only able to get two maybe three sets like this before my forearms completely give out, or im limited by my cardio mid set. Overall I've been able to do slightly more volume from the cardio boost.

After lifting i still had plenty of energy so i did cardio on tredmil. 5 miles at 15 incline 3.4 speed.

Breakfast: fasted
Lunch : fasted
Lifting: fasted
Post workout dinner:
White Rice 150g
Shrimp 200g
Beef sausage (oil on the outside was discarded) 185g
Total: 1,128 Cal | 48.6g Carbs | 80g Protein | 66g Fat |
1,500~ (+100g from chicken
After writing this log im cooking some chicken for additional 100G protein.
Im honestly not very hungry but only 80g of protein is very low, and i usually aim for at least 200g.
good work
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