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Approved Log Umbrella SARMS Stenabolic SR9011 and Cardarine GW-501516 Stack log

Workout data and diet attached.

Decent sleep Saturday and Sunday night but still not where I want to be. Added 10/5mg of THC/CBD and it's giving me a few hours. Hoping my doctor's appointment goes well today and I get some better meds for sleep.

Sunday's workout was great, lots of pumps and intensity was high. Monday was a rest day.

My 1 mile running endurance test was phenomenal and went from 12ish to just under 10. Keep in mind that I'm a Marine, running and pull ups are engraved in my being so it's like riding a bike (you know what I mean). I'm curious to see if I can get it under 9 min in January.

Diet has been good no issues with snacking or craving anything. I'm dreading the holiday weekend since I know I'm going to have eat with family who doesn't share my vegan diet let alone my macros.

I'll post weight and some blood work in a separate post.

That's all folks.


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Down to 203.2 as of the 17th.

Standard CBC attached from 12/18


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10-minute mile is not bad that's better than 95 percent of people can do believe it or not
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