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Approved Log My EQ Cardarine cycle Log (Insight)

@NomadSpeed start with sarms solo Cardarine ACP stenabolic plan is fine, dont add winstrol for now

how about your face blurred picture, coming?

your diet is HIGH in soy and low in omega 3 fats , why?
I wouldn't say it is high in soy but is instead of dairy. As for the omegas I do supplement quite a lot of high potency fish oils and such within it
Ok , so I guess I'll be transitioning some of these things of soy base out of the menu. Thanks for the insight fellas, just was piecing different diets together to find a good fit overall.
Heres an update on some things fellas and developments. I have gotten several Sarms to go with as a stack which would look like below....

GW501 12 weeks (20mg) day dosed once a day in the a.m.
ACP105 12 weeks (10mg) day
SR9009 12 weeks (30mg day 10 mg doses 4-5 hours apart)

Thoughts on the above? I know there were some suggestions of adding Winstrol low dose of 10mg as well.

Current Diet Intake
Breakfast -
1 whole egg , 2 egg whites, cup of spinach, 1/2 cup asparagus
2 protein pancakes
Bowl of bran cereal (Soy protein milk)
1 Banana
850 calories

On the way to training
2 scoops of plant protein
1 apple
350 calories

Post session
Protien Bar
1 Banana
300 calories

Post session meal
5oz grilled chk
grilled vegetables
1 cup of basmati rice
1/2 mixed beans
350 calories

Soy yogurt
Fruit (cherries and grapes)
200 calories

5oz grilled Salmon
1 cup spinach
1/2 asparagus
1 cup basmati rice
1/2 mixed beans
520 calories

Interchangeable meals
Red meat (london broil, Brisket)
Tuna and Beans

I try not to dip under 2500 on any given and push over 3000 depending on training day ahead. So would use fillers if I feel like I'm lack on intake that day.

This is what the week ahead looks like for training.

Consecutive Single Leg Hops:
BW, 3x 20m, 2'R
Bounces over Hurdles:
BW, 3x 5 hurdles (5 feet distance), 2'R
Med Ball Throws
Crossed SL Scoop:
1 to 3 kg, 2x 12x side, 2'R
Crossed SL Press:
2 to 4 kg, 2x 12x side, 2'R
SL OH Throw:
1 to 3 kg, 3x 6x side, 2'R
Grass, 2P, Flats
4x 40/60m, Walking Back Rest

Track, Drop-In, Spikes
3x 20m Aggressive build-up, 6 to 8'R
Block Start: Track, Blocks, Spikes
3x 10m, 5'R
Track, 2P, Spikes
3x 20m Run-Up + 40m Fly, 4'R
BB Front or Back Squat
@85% 1RM BB Front or Back Squat, 2x 3, 3'R
BB Romanian Deadlift :
@85% 1RM BB Deadlift, 2x 3, 3'R
BB Bench Press
@90% 1RM BB Bench Press, 3x 3, 3'R
Nordic Hamstrings 2x3

Wed Recovery

Track, 2P, Spikes
1x [220m, 200m, 150m], 10'/16'R
1x 150m, 10'R

Box Jump (WITH counter-movement):
BW, 2x 3, 2'R
Track, 2P, Flats
3x 100m in the curve, 5'R

Track, Block, Spikes
1x 100m in the curve, Min. 15'R
1x 150m
Current body shape. Haven't started anything yet in these. Keep in mind I'm not looking to put on more size but to increase athlete performance. Contractile strength, speed and endurance. Thanks fells.
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