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Approved Log Umbrella SARMS Stenabolic SR9011 and Cardarine GW-501516 Stack log

Sorry folks, I've been off the grid for a few days.

I'll post the data for the last two days. It's just too much to go back almost a week and post up. Below is a summary of what's been going on.

I believe that I passed the issue with the sleep issue, but I have been taking the THC/CBDn edibles if I wake up before 01 am. I've continued with the sermorelin and ipamorelin blend, dosed at 250mcg 30 minutes before bed and at least 90 min away from my last meal. As of 12/21, I've increased the SR9011 to 30mg per day, split into 3 doses before 1500. GW is still the same at 20mg per day once a day.

My weight is still hanging around 210 lbs (~95 kilos) @ ~19%. BF has gone down, but muscle mass has gone up. I believe I started all this incorrectly after being down for ~10 days, and my muscles may have been flat. I wasn't eating much while in the hospital and wasn't doing any kind of exercise. I'm going to try to do maintenance macros until Jan 16th and go back to the diet macros. I signed up for a 6-week buddy weight loss competition.

Since increasing the SR, I've been smashing through all the workouts, and the intensity has gone up dramatically. The pumps have been insane, but I'm attributing the increase to the stack, sleep, and volume combination. I just finished up the 5th week of my MESO, and this week's target was 0 RIR. All my lifts have gone up on this cycle. Week 6 is the final week in this MESO and is just a deload week.

I have not run again since my last update, but I plan on putting in some miles during the week.

I did some blood work last week and will repeat it again in 3 weeks after making some changes and letting my fatigue go down a bit. Nothing was out of whack I just like my numbers better. I will post a side-by-side comparison.

I'm going to take pictures Jan 5th.
12/26 workout.
@usmc718 you saying even CBD thc didnt work for sleep? do you have a sleep monitor?
@usmc718 you saying even CBD thc didnt work for sleep? do you have a sleep monitor?
CBDn (not the same as regular CBD) +THC has been helping along with my sleep med (dosage increased).

I've had 3-4 sleep studies and had surgery to help fix my sinuses and nose so there's no apena anymore. I also use hostage tape to force me to breath through my nose.

I wear a smartwatch that tracks my sleep if that is what you are considering a monitor.
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Photos of sleep data for the past few days.


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I have to give you credit you're doing everything in your power to solve the sleeping issue
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