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cardarine gw

  1. FC919

    Approved Log My Cardarine (GW-501516) Cycle Log

    Finally ordering Cardarine (GW-501516) From umbrella labs. Was told to post log last month when i asked questions about it. BW: 225 Height: 5 11 BF: 31% (Spren App) Cardio: x3 Fasted Cardio 1 1/2hr (Wed, Sat, Sun) Cycle: Cardarine only (This is first time) Supplement: PWO, Creatine, Protein...
  2. NomadSpeed

    Approved Log My EQ Cardarine cycle Log (Insight)

    Would appreciate some thoughts and insights on a potential stack to be run. A little insight I'm a track sprinter concentration in the 200m, so it's that combination of speed endurance being looked to enhance. Currently 179lbs , 5'10, body fat under 10. I have a tendency to put on dense muscle...
  3. L

    triple stack sarms, lets do it!

    I’m 38 years old and 200 pounds with 19% body fat. My diet has been bad but I train like a maniac. I am going to start eating better and already have lost some weight. Want to run 3 sarms Cardarine GW Andarine S4 LGD 4033. what is the best dosage to CUT DOWN
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