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  1. R

    sarms budget cycle

    looking at going 8 weeks on my next cycle would like to run a cycle that is within my budget if possible what do you think about getting 2 vials of cardarine gw and 1 vial of ostarine mk? I can do the gw 20mgs and ostarine 25mgs a day for 8 weeks its well within my budget cause it comes out to...
  2. FC919

    Approved Log My Cardarine (GW-501516) Cycle Log

    Finally ordering Cardarine (GW-501516) From umbrella labs. Was told to post log last month when i asked questions about it. BW: 225 Height: 5 11 BF: 31% (Spren App) Cardio: x3 Fasted Cardio 1 1/2hr (Wed, Sat, Sun) Cycle: Cardarine only (This is first time) Supplement: PWO, Creatine, Protein...
  3. M

    sarms bridge stacking

    I’m coming off a 12 week test only cycle would like to bridge with sarms rather then just cruising on test I’ve got 4 sarms in mind to run between cycles RAD140 LGD4033 nutrobal mk677 GW cardarine Just need help figuring out the proper dosing. I’m 28 years old and I am 217 pounds. Goal is to...
  4. S

    s4/andarine works well with cardarine?

    Cardarine gw 20mgs a day is what i was gonna do as my base Now I just have to figure out which sarm to use s4/andarine seems like a good choice. Would 50mgs a day work well? And would 12 weeks be a good dose. I’m in my mid twenties and this is going to be the first time I run anything like this...
  5. K

    50 year old sarms for longevity

    I'm looking to use a longevity sarms stack that I've been reading about online It is mk677, yk11, and gw cardarine The mk you want to run 25mgs a day Yk11 5mgs a day Gw 25mgs per day I’m 50, almost 51 years old. 6’2’’ 225 pounds and 20% body fat Would like to take something to increase life so i...
  6. Q

    Wife wants to run sarms too

    So my wife wants to run a sarm cycle with me I'm curious what you thought about what she should run I currently have mk677, lgd4033 and cardarine gw501516 on hand should I just let her run one of them or can she run all three at the same time at low dosing? she's 5 ft 3 in 107 lb and she's...
  7. Y

    Anavar, test and some sarms female run

    125 lb and 32 years old I am 5'5 and I would say that I am pretty lean somewhere around 15 to 20% body fat I'm looking to build more lean muscle mass maybe get up to 130 to 135 lb while also staying lean My stack looks like this: Anavar 5mgs 5 weeks, 10mgs 5 weeks Lgd4033 10mgs 5 weeks, 20mgs 5...
  8. N

    Here is my sarms plan. Yes or no?

    Need your blessings on this sarms stack below 12 weeks lgd 10 mgs a day. PM dose S4 andarine 50mgs a day split the dose GW cardarine 20mgs pre workout Should i add in ostarine or rad to this or keep as is? My goals are more performance in the gym overall as I do weights four times a week and I...
  9. X

    Best options for sarms

    Stats: 5’10’’ 198lbs 16% body fat 25 years old Goals: burn more body fat and improved gym performance What would you choose from the following stacks below? Andarine S4 50mgs per day LGD4033 SR9009 Or GW cardarine Rad140 Nutrobal mk677 I’m training 4x per week My diet is mostly 40/40/20 macros...
  10. D

    Sarms tighter body

    I’m looking to get tighter for pride month and we are doing a party this weekend Hopefully will see you guys there What sarms would work best? I would like to be the most ripped dude at the pool party I’m currently 22 years old, i have ran anavar before 125mgs a day, strained my liver a lot...
  11. N

    Should i change my steroid idea as a woman?

    Hello and greetings F, 25y, 5’10’’, 150lbs Looking to do what most women out there want to do. Lose weight! I’m looking at several options. Cardarine, ostarine, sr9009, anavar, winstrol, and oral primobolan I've done my research and decided to go with anavar and cardarine Do you think this is a...
  12. U

    Double sarms options

    If i wanted to run a double sarms stack back/to/back Meaning 4 weeks 2 sarms, then 4 weeks different sarms just to keep my body guessing and things clicking along. what would you think about that? So rad140 + lgd4033 4 weeks Then doing gw cardarine and sr9009 4 weeks to cut back down anyone try...
  13. R

    What can i goal set for ostarine?

    I have pretty modest stats I'm 170 lb and 14% body looking to do a mini re-composition. hopefully get up to 175 lb and keep my body fat at the same number or lower My plan is ostarine mk2866 25mgs a day for 8 weeks,and then doing cardarine gw for pct for 4 weeks in terms of my goals should I...
  14. T

    2 sarms to use with testosterone

    I’m cruising on testosterone for the year at 250mgs a week Looking to add 2 sarms to help with fat loss and lean muscle gains without adding to side effects Also something that will help with water retention would be good too. I want that arnold look A friend suggested i go with cardarine and...
  15. D

    Question about my GW and MK2866 cycle female

    I have been doing ostarine mk and gw cardarine for the past few weeks ahead of a vacation but recently got injured. I had to stop everything for a couple weeks until I got better. now I'm looking to start it up again should I just continue using both of those or should I add in anavar to ‘catch...
  16. K

    Got a question on ECA and sarms together

    I'm looking for anyone with experience using both sarms with the ECA stack It is going to be: Ephedrine Caffeine Aspirin And then with sarms using gw cardarine 20mgs a day with s23 I’m 33 years old. 6’1’’ and 243 pounds with 25% body fat Goals are fat loss but I'll also be cool with losing some...
  17. N

    Adding RAD/GW to TRT

    47 years old and been on testosterone replacement therapy since I was about 39 or 40 I'm currently 6'1 255 lb and my testosterone dose is close to 200 a week. I'm looking to add sarms to this GW cardarine and rad140 seem like the best options for me Would GW 20mgs a day and rad 10mgs a day be...
  18. Q

    best 3 sarm stack for nudity onlyfans

    I’m making some good money being a nude model believe it or not online, I work mostly onlyfans but have other channels too I’m 6’1’’ 183 pounds and 23 years old I want to get more ripped, people are into that lol. Want the zyzz look the 3 sarms I thought would work well are gw cardarine, rad140...
  19. W

    Using sarms most efficiently

    I’ve got 2 bottles of gw cardarine 3 bottles of rad140 2 bottles of ostarine mk2866 My plan so far is gonna be to improve in the weight room. I have not touched a weight in a year. Took time off for injuries, and just had to find the right gym after moving Currently 160 pounds or so and 5’6’’...
  20. G

    Recomping with sarms finally

    I keep saying that I'm going to do this but I never get around to it. I know recomping is very hard. I’ve always just cut or bulked, never recomped both I’m gonna go for it with sarms. I'm currently 6'1 212 lb and around 18 to 19% body fat I've got decent muscle on my frame but nothing too...
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