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Approved Log Umbrella SARMS Stenabolic SR9011 and Cardarine GW-501516 Stack log

I would love to see you do some running outside
Lol sorry gents just seeing this.

Hippy Speedball = Redeye coffee and a spliff.

I'll post up the logs for the previous day later today.

1 mile run on the treadmill 9:53 secs down from 12:06 after a leg day!

Not a fan of running outdoors for timing purposes and it's cold as hell here.
bros the pumps from what you think?
The pump seem to be a combo of the diet and the stack for me.

The bro that was supposed to start at the same time is noticing the pump increase as well. He powerlifts and has been able to squeeze out more reps and his DOMS is less.
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