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make sure you get your log up
keep in mind there are other factors in play like recovery and your organs
you won't recover good if you go 15 weeks
you can do it if you want but definitely log it regardless
Me personally I like option 2. I also like that you understand to keep the test dosages lower to mitigate the sides.
Good day All,

Thank you for the responses. I appreciate it.

As for the suggestions with regards to log and pictures - I apologize but I would rather not share as to stay low-key. However, I do understand the benefit in sharing.

Moving on...


High protein
Medium fat
Low carb

Majority of carbs are ingested around my morning workout, pre/intra/post.
Whenever I eat what is considered high fat, I will avoid carbs with that meal. When I eat high carbs, then I will keep fat to a minimum. Always with high protein as priority.
For example:
1.) If I eat T-bone steak, I cook it in butter and eat the fat with the meat I will include a veg or salad.
2.) If I eat lean meat with minimal fat I will eat it alongside high carb such as rice or potato

Taking the above mentioned into account, all meals will be +- 800 calories.
4x meals per day. If I see I am behind in calories I will include a 5th meal.

I usually burn about 3000 calories on training days, burning roughly 500-700 calories during a workout.
My current daily calorie intake is sitting at +- 2200cal.

My plan is to be in a daily surplus of 10% (3300 calories) while I lean bulk. After cycle I will try keep at maintenance calories with a "cheat meal" every now and then. I will do this to keep the gained muscle and to let my body get used to the added weight gained and let the muscle settle so to speak.
I will be happy with 10lbs solid lean mass by the end of the cycle, and the smile will stay on my face if I keep 70% of my gains 6 months after cycle.
I will most likely recover for about a year and reassess whether or or not to run it again.


I have taken the advise to keep the cycle length of Test E and Primo to 12 weeks instead of 15 weeks. *Spoiler alert - I will be bumping the Primo up to 500mg/week (due to having more available by doing 12 weeks).

I've decided to go with option 2...
It feels like it will be a lot simpler to execute compared to option 1 and with relatively less sides to worry about.
ie: Less compounds that convert of estrogen.

Option 2 - Test E, Primo, Var
1-12: Test E 300mg/week
1-12: Primo E 500mg/week
13-15: Anavar 60mg ed

Week +-16-18: HCG 3x 1500 iu (e5d)
Example: 1500, 1500, 1500, 500. (Total 5000iu)
Clomid: 50/25/25/25
Nolvadex: 40/40/20/20

AI on hand: Arimidex

1-22: 10% daily calorie surplus
23-~: Maintenance calorie intake (3000 calories/day)

Feel free to comment on the above cycle update.

Thanks bros!
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