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  1. J

    does primo work better then anavar? Female cycle

    Looking to get in on the party it’s not just for the boys. I’m five foot 6… 150 pounds and I’m looking to get stronger at 38 years old I’m looking at some of the basics of steroid use. Seems like primobolan is very mild and would be similar to using anavar but be less harsh on the liver. Is this...
  2. V

    Primobolan vs. Masteron

    177 pounds 5’7’’ 37 yrs young training for 15 years off and on. 3rd cycle I know primo and masteron are both DHT’s and I know they both generally have low side effects. But which one would you use alongside testosterone at 250 milligrams a week if I want to do a Recomp in my situation? Right now...
  3. JimAbs43

    Podcast Underground 36 - TRT and Primobolan with Geneza Pharma Underground 36 - TRT and Primobolan with Geneza Pharma
  4. H

    choosing between primo options

    excited to try Primo for the first time and I’m 33 years old and I’m 206 pounds looking to get some lean muscle mass and cut down. I’m conflicted between trying primobolan 200mgs and 100mgs. Which one of those do you think would work better for me. I’ve heard that Primo can cause post injection...
  5. K

    how to stack primobolan for best results

    I’m looking to try some Primo this time for the first time ever. Have previous experience using Deca and testosterone. I’m 40 years old and I’m approximately 185 pounds and five foot eight goals are for lean muscle mass simple question how would you stack Primo for best results?
  6. B

    I don’t respect primobolan at all

    I’ve been using Primo for the past 10 weeks I don’t see much changes at all I put on about five or six pounds. I’m doing 500 milligrams a week along with 200 milligrams of testosterone for the money I spent on this cycle I should be getting more gains than this any advice on what I should do on...
  7. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #48 - Shred with Anavar and Primobolan? Para Pharma part #2 Hardcore 2.0 #48 - Shred with Anavar and Primobolan? Para Pharma part #2
  8. JimAbs43

    Podcast Underground 33 - Primobolan and Winstrol to shred with GP Geneza Underground 33 - Primobolan and Winstrol to shred with GP Geneza
  9. L

    15 weeks - EQ or Primo?

    Hi All, I am stuck with the following decision on my next cycle and would like you input please. The two choices are below. Before you suggest other dosages, know that this these have been worked out based on what I can be supplied and according to my budget. So, in other words, it is the one...
  10. B

    Not seeing much mid cycle on primobolan

    I'm dealing with a lot of personal things on my life and I got stuck with it during my cycle I'm doing Primo 500 mg a week along with around 200mgs of test No AI No other ancillaries like 5 weeks into it and I am training at least 3 to 5 times a week my heart's not into it because I'm dealing...
  11. B

    Won’t go wrong with domestic supply primobolan!

    This is a very late review but wanted to post it up I ended up getting 30 amps of primoboaln from domestic supply! it's a big order but I'm really excited to use their product notice that this Source was extremely organized and professional the whole way. This includes their reps on here. Thank...
  12. N

    Lean muscle mass best steroids

    What Are going to be the best anabolic steroids to gain lean muscle mass while also keeping side effects at a minimum? I work construction and i cannot deal with side effects like pumps and sweats while i work. So obviously tren is out of the question What about primobolan and equipoise? Would...
  13. V

    I’m cruising on test, but looking to blast now

    I’m 35 years old Looking to possibly compete in the near future. Currently 8% body fat and 175 pounds sliced Cruising on 150mgs a week of testosterone enanthate, been doing this since my last 16 week cycle i did a year ago Now i’m looking to do a blast and gonna hit primobolan, trenbolone and...
  14. J

    Trenbolone with primo a waste?

    I’m currently training 5x per week for about 45 minutes per session. Following the classic 5 day split routine. I also do 10 minutes of cardio post workout Looking to boost my performance and strength/gains. 40 yrs old, 5’9’’ 182lbs What do you think about a stack that includes primobolan with...
  15. C

    Cycle review and what to run

    I'm basically looking for some reassurance on this cycle and also want to touch base with you guys to make sure I'm running the proper ancillar I'm 24 years old and I am 6 ft tall 195 lb with 12% body fat I've been training for the past 5 years religiously the steroids that I'm looking to use...
  16. M

    combating steroid side effects

    I am a female and I am approximately 130 lb and I'm 5 ft 7 in I've been on steroids for the past 6 weeks and I'm dealing with some side effects and I'm curious what you can recommend I do I’m using a cocktail of oral primobolan, gw and ostarine. My main complaints are mental cloudiness, being...
  17. U

    Female primobolan dosaging

    Hello I'm 5'3 and I am 117 lb A girlfriend of mine is really big in a body building she suggested that I'm trying primobolan and do 100mgs per week now my question is should I split the dosage and do it twice a week 50 mg or do I just do one of those 100 mg total? my goals are for more lean...
  18. J

    Primobolan100 or 200 Geneza pharma?

    Finished my 3rd cycle First couple Cycles did not go very well I think I was using very underdosed gear This time went with GP which cost a hair more but their reputation was good enough where I was sure I was getting properly dosed products I did 500 mg of testosterone and I did 350mgs of deca...
  19. J

    Cycle length requirements for primobolan

    Never used primo before, but always been curious to try it It isn’t cheap, but i have some money saved up What is your Opinion of using primobolan when it comes to length of cycle I've heard anywhere from 6 weeks to 20 weeks. and I've heard some people say you have to run it at least 14 weeks...
  20. T

    Pretty large cycle thoughts, please opine

    Hello everybody I live in the Middle East and large Cycles are the new thing here I'm currently 33 years old and I am 180 cm tall and I weigh around 85 kilos My plan is this: Trenbolone hex 100 Sustanon 250 Test prop 100 Primobolan 250 These dosages are 2x per week On cycle liver support, C1000...
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