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  1. C

    my tren and masteron cycle layout

    my stats are 6’1’’ 178 pounds and I’m 7% body fat lean. Former runner turned bodybuilder. 33 years old My tren stack I want to do is tren ace 100mgs 2x per week along with masteron prop 150mgs 2x per week for 10 weeks. Should I run some testosterone or an oral too with it or is that not gonna be...
  2. Y

    test prop and masteron prop ready set go!

    my stats are five foot 11 .. 216 pounds and 20% body fat and I would like to hit a short 8 week cycle of test and mast prop. I’ve used steroids before and I don’t mind injecting every other day. My plan was to do it that way and I would run 100 milligrams every other day for the full eight...
  3. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #67 - Benefits of Masteron+Proviron for Free Testosterone-Euro Pharma Hardcore 2.0 #67 - Benefits of Masteron+Proviron for Free Testosterone-Euro Pharma
  4. D

    best stack of masteron and tren for gains?

    I’m looking to stack some tren and masteron on my next steroid cycle. I’m 38 years old and 180 pounds and 5’8’’ looking to recomp, current body fat is around 14% and want to get it closer to 10% while also gaining strength and mass. My plan is this: tren 250mgs a week 12 weeks masteron E 300mgs...
  5. V

    Primobolan vs. Masteron

    177 pounds 5’7’’ 37 yrs young training for 15 years off and on. 3rd cycle I know primo and masteron are both DHT’s and I know they both generally have low side effects. But which one would you use alongside testosterone at 250 milligrams a week if I want to do a Recomp in my situation? Right now...
  6. R

    masteron, test and tren ready for it

    My dream is to compete in the next two or three years I’m 26 years old I’m five foot ten 186 pounds and 10% body fat people say I definitely have the genetics and the physique to compete one day I’m ready for a big cycle of masteron, testosterone and trenbolone. I want to run 3 different...
  7. X

    domestic supply is all I need going forward

    been using steroids for the past year and having very good experiences with domestic Supply. Did 2 cycles with them. First cycle was anavar, test and primo. Gained about 7 pounds and kept 5. 2nd cycle was tren, test, and masteron. Gained about 10 pounds and kept 7. lookin good and feeling even...
  8. P

    napsgear steroid stack success

    just finished a 15 week cycle! very pleased with my results as I put on around 10 pounds and also built some strength. Was able to lean out as well using masteron, trenbolone and some anavar. Will recommend this stack to others. Napsgear Also has excellent customer service and shipping options...
  9. V

    masteron not doing much for me?

    I’m 18% body fat. 6’1’’ 227 pounds and 24 years old Read about how great masteron was for cutting and hardening been on this stuff along with small test for 10 weeks and not seeing any changes. I’m doing 500mgs of it along with test 200. using enanthate on both. When should I start seeing my abs?
  10. G

    how much tren and masteron?

    Curious how much trenbolone and masteron I should use on my next cycle. My basis is 500mgs of each but I have a sneaky suspicion it’s a bit too much. This will be the second time I’ve used tren. First time I did 400mgs and it was good. I’m five foot 11 212 pounds and 14% body fat training five...
  11. B

    my next blast and cruise

    gonna be doing a blast and cruise I’m 24 years old and planning on going pro, next year I want to win my pro card. Working with a posing coach and take this stuff very seriously. 5’9’’ 230 pounds and 11% body fat. Want to get under 10%. my goal is to achieve Monstro’s physique Here is my cycle...
  12. K

    puritysourcelabs masteron options

    was reading that you can only buy legit masteron in propionate form. So I was a bit confused why I was reading that PSL sells both propane and enanthate masteron. They also have it included in some Blends including some E blends which I thought was weird. Can anyone explain why they are doing this?
  13. Z

    napsgear nice cutting stack

    napsgear has the best products you can imagine. Decided to do a cutting stack and I’m already down two percent body fat after 10 weeks. Side effects are manageable as well I’m not having very many issues. Using clen, var and masteron and i like it so far. try them, you won’t regret it. their...
  14. V

    test E and masteron prop ?

    Looking to do a simple cycle using only two steroids this time this will be my four cycle and I’m currently 37 years old 195 pounds and six foot two Would it be a good stack to go with testosterone enanthate while with mast prop or do you need to do enanthate with both for it to go well? And...
  15. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #47 - Shred with Anavar and Masteron? Para Pharma Hardcore 2.0 #47 - Shred with Anavar and Masteron? Para Pharma
  16. V

    Using Test prop+ Masteron Prop

    6’2’’ 174 pounds. 50 years old. My issue is I would like to run shorter esters, I’ve done Enanthate and thought it took too long to kick in, like 4 or 5 weeks. Never used short esters like this but want to try them and see for myself. how many of you have used testosterone propionate and mast...
  17. W

    biggest stack of my life

    Ready to join the list of truly amazing bodybuilders who have graced the Earth. That said I’m ready to do the biggest stack of my life I’m 24 years old and this will be the fifth time I’ve used steroids. My stack will be: tren 500mgs test 200mgs masteron 750mgs HGH 5iu’s some insulin EQ 1000mgs...
  18. R

    how would you run tren ace with masteron prop?

    I’m looking for some advice ahead of a physique competition that I plan on being in. never used tren ace and mast prop. But some of the guys that I’m against have said that they are definitely going to use it so I want to be able to keep up with them. How would you recommend I use it going into...
  19. Z

    loving masteron on this stack, but need help

    I’m doing test 250mgs per week. Added in masterone prop at 500mgs a week. Loving what’s happening my vascularity is getting better in my muscles are hardening up and I’m getting tighter. I need help at deciding what I should do going forward as I’m on week five and I don’t want to pin mast prop...
  20. L

    15 weeks - EQ or Primo?

    Hi All, I am stuck with the following decision on my next cycle and would like you input please. The two choices are below. Before you suggest other dosages, know that this these have been worked out based on what I can be supplied and according to my budget. So, in other words, it is the one...
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