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  1. W

    How steroids change in your 40’s

    How do you think steroid use changes as you get into your 40’s? My kids are now old enough where they don’t need supervision all the time. it frees up some more time that I can spend at the gym without getting interrupted besides that how does your body start changing? I'm approaching 40 years...
  2. S

    winstrol and masteron with my physique?

    I'm currently around 15% body fat and I've worked really hard to cut down. 2 years ago believe it or not I was closer to 30% body fat and really obese I really want to get even leaner and maybe even get under 10% that would be an amazing goal because I've always been fat my whole life my full...
  3. X

    Trying a larger cycle

    Never did more than 1000mgs a week of gear But this time i came into some inheritance and want to run more My goals are getting swole I’m 5’10’’ 28 years old and 180 pounds My cycle will look like this: 6iu’s hgh per day 1200mgs a week testosterone enanthate 1000mgs a week masteron enanthate...
  4. L

    Steroid blends you like and hate

    I have a list of steroid blends and you tell me what you think about them and which you would pick if you were me My goals are large muscle gains and fat loss I’m 5’9’’ 189 pounds and 15% body fat. 33 years old Andromix: Testosterone propionate, masteron propionate, trenbolone acetate Sustanon...
  5. F

    Recomping larger cycle

    Excited to try a larger cycle this time 5’9’’ 175 and 38 years old My plan is: Masteron propionate 50mgs EOD Trenbolone acetate 50mgs EOD Testosterone prop 50mgs ED anything you would change here? up
  6. T

    Bodybuilder steroid run

    I hope to compete late this year I took about a year-and-a-half off due to covid and other personal issues I got back into the gym about 4 months ago and things have been going very well I'm currently 36 years old and I weigh approximately 170 lb and I am 5 ft 8 in. my body fat is around 13%...
  7. PhillDragon

    Euro-Pharmacies RAPID CUT PRO-350 perfectly dosed

    I just wanted to share my opinion about this product 1ml EOD Great. Perfectly dosed A perfect blend
  8. P

    Masteron and Winstrol

    anyone try stacking both masteron and winstrol together? Im’ 18% body fat. 105Kg and 6’1’’ I want to cut down I am gonna eat in a deficit 1000 calories also cut back on carbs and fats. While also upping my protein
  9. X

    How to add in Masteron here

    I’m doing testosterone propionate 100mgs EOD, along with some anavar 50mgs a day Interested in seeing what masteron could do here If i do the test P for 8 weeks and then add in var the last 5 weeks could i also add in the Masteron? And how much would be the dose? 6’1’’ 156 pounds and 24 years old
  10. K

    Looking to lean out more steroids

    I've spent the better part of the past five years bulking up using steroids but now I want to run a cutter I’ve got several steroids in mind Masteron Winstrol Or anavar. Should i combine them with testosterone? 34 years old, 5’9’’ 174 pounds
  11. Y

    Which steroids are best between masteron and winstrol?

    I’m currently 5’9’’ and 167 pounds with 10% body fat . I want to bulk on cycle then cut. Doing 600mgs of testosterone and then will cut. If you had to choose 1 steroid to finish a cycle with would you pick masteron or winstrol?
  12. N

    Pre vacation cycle

    I want to look good for my vacation to Jamaica so i can attract lots of hot Jamaican women I'm 6 ft tall and I weigh 170 lb 35 years old and my body fat is around 11% I have some steroids i want to run Winstrol Masteron Primo Equipoise Help me pick 2 to use. My vacation is in 8 weeks
  13. W

    Steroid recomp stacking

    Here is my next steroid cycle Its gonna be trenbolone 250mgs a week Masteron propionate 50mgs a day Winstrol 25mgs a day My question is should i double up the dosages or keep them as is? Want to harden up and lose some excess fat I’m 42 years old, 5’11’’ 232 pounds and 15% body fat
  14. K

    2 injectables, primobolan and masteron

    I'm looking to try to injectables at this time Primobolan and masteron enanthate 12 week cycle I’m on trt so will keep that dose and cruise after 5’11’’ 240 pounds and 15% body fat, 44 years old
  15. S

    Recomping with test and mast

    it is time for me to do a recomp cycle for the first time I started out very skinny and I bulked up a lot over the past few years. Now i am 16% body fat and 205 pounds 5’10’’ would like to get my body fat lower. I’m still in my late 20’s and don’t want to be overweight into my 30’s...
  16. J

    Test cycle layout

    Here is my testosterone cycle layout. Let me know what you would change. Goals are strength and lean body mass Testosterone cypionate 300 Masteron enanthate 400 Primobolan 500 12 weeks 6’1’’ 216 pounds 16% body fat, 26 yrs old
  17. G

    Which test to add here?

    28 years old 5’10’’ 234 pounds 15% bf Which testosterone would you add to this cycle i’m gonna run Winstrol 50mgs a day Equipoise 400mgs a week Masteron propionate 100mgs EOD
  18. X

    finishing up my tren cycle

    I am finishing up my current trenbolone cycle now I did 200mgs of tren with masteron 500mgs good stack, got some good hardness my question is my next cycle what should I run? I’m currently 5’11’’ 165 pounds and 8% body fat 24 years old
  19. R

    Proviron stacking

    How much proviron should I stack in the following cycle I am gonna do: Testosterone enanthate 500mgs a week Masteron enanthate 300mgs a week Trenbolone enanthate 400mgs a week I’m currently 213 pounds and 5’10’’ 26 years old
  20. E

    boosting my shredder stack

    I’m currently on a shredder steroid stack I’m doing masteron 500mgs a week and doing winstrol with it 25mgs a day I’m 5 weeks in results are good so far but want to shred up more. I’m 15% body fat, 6’1’’ 188 pounds and 26