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    napsgear you are the best!

    I love napsgear, they are simply the greatest source out there always Great customer service and their website works fantastic I can’t wait to try out my next cycle. This time i ordered tren, masteron and winstrol gonna be my biggest cycle yet. I ordered it and less than a week later it was at...
  2. L

    do sarms harden you up or nah?

    Wondering if sarms were a good idea to help harden you up or if I should stick to something else in the future? I’ve used masteron before and it was awesome but it did damage my hair and cause other side effects like oily skin looking for the same effect with sarms my friend said to try yk11 +...
  3. R

    TRT + steroid use

    gonna be doing some TRT with my steroids next cycle looking at hitting several different options for one is the option of stacking in masteron for hardening. The other is using primo for cutting down 500mgs of each is what I want to use how would you run them? I’m 38 5’6’’ 154 pounds
  4. M

    deca for appetite, masteron for hardening

    I’m looking to do a stack of masteron and deca durabolin together I got the gear already and it’s going to be 500 mg of each I got enough to last me 12 weeks what else would you stack with this and should I be kick-starting an oral? I’m 5 foot 7 inches and I weigh 190 pounds 37 years old
  5. Z

    domestic supply quality masteron

    3rd time I’ve used masteron this time went with masteron prop within 2 weeks I was hard as a rock on this stuff previous runs with it I haven’t had much success and I suspect that it was fake or possibly under dosed this time with domestic Supply I was running 500 milligrams. Very happy with my...
  6. V

    big boy wants big gains

    I’m easily the biggest guy on here. I’m 275 pounds is 6 foot 5 inches. Could squeeze any of you and snap you in half. I’m looking to get even stronger and get bigger if I can get up to 300 pounds, all muscle. That would be perfect. Looking to use sustanon, 1000mgs per week trenbolone 500mgs a...
  7. W

    Added 10 pounds of muscle and now confused

    So my last cycle I stacked 500 mg of equipoise with 1000 mg of testosterone I added around 10 lb of muscle mass. definitely happy with the results I got now my next step is to cut down a little bit. my stats are 30 years old and I am 5'7 and 185 lb. I think if I cut down to about 175 and drop my...
  8. C

    Would you rather run masteron or equipoise for cutting?

    I am cruising at 200 mg of testosterone and I've been doing this for the past couple years. looking to do a blast to cut down and harden up if you were to choose between equipoise and masteron which one would you do to achieve this and what dosage would you run? I'm 42 years old and I am 180 lb...
  9. H

    Proviron and masteron stack good or nah?

    What do you guys think about using proviron and masteron together? Both seem to be good for hardening but wasn’t sure if stacking them would be a waste or not My goals are going to be for recomping and my other question was do i need to use mast prop or can i get away with enanthate if i do it...
  10. W

    Test and masteron to test and primo

    So i just finished an 8 week cycle of test prop and mast prop. Didn’t get the gains i had hoped for My stats are 5’10’’ and 18% body fat Was hoping i would get fat loss but nothing really changed I’m 28 years old and would like to get down to 15% or less Should i switch to primobolan and test...
  11. R

    Impressed with tren and masteron stack

    Just wanted to update all on my current tren and mast stack and get some tips for my next cycle Did 150mgs EOD of masteron prop Stacked with tren E at 300mgs a week The results were outstanding Libido was crazy good And i hit all time PR’s in strength From here where do i go for a next cycle...
  12. H

    Masteron and libido changes

    So far i’ve done masteron twice. Didn’t want to say a thing after my first run. If i run too much masteron vs. testosterone my libido drops, but if i run twice as much test it is still good Any reason why this is happening? Last cycle did 200mgs test and 500mgs masteron and libido dropped 3...
  13. V

    HGH stacked with steroid timing

    So i am currening doing hgh. 3iu’s per day. Each kit lasts about a month I’m 4 weeks into it. And i have 2 more kits ready. I also have tren, masteron, and testosterone on hand. My question is should I start my steroids now and then run eight more weeks of the HGH? Or should i finish the hgh...
  14. A

    How to add winstrol to this stack

    I’m training 6x per week very religiously and I'm getting some outstanding results on my current cycle Its testosterone + masteron, doing enanthate on both now my question is how do I cut down the last 4 weeks of my cycle with winstrol? Should i just do 50mgs a day or should i stick with 25mgs...
  15. G

    How to use masteron with primo?

    I was wondering about stacking masteron and primobolan together Both are DHT’s i know this. But are they going to go well together or should i forget about it? My goals are hardening and cutting down I’m gonna use 100mgs of test with it. I’m 55, 5’7’’ and 175 pounds, and this will be my first...
  16. Y

    Using a fast and long cut together

    So i’m planning on my next cycle. overall it's going to be a cutting cycle but I want to be a little clever with it What i mean is that i want to do a fast cut which i will stay on for 6 weeks, then continue the stack with a long cut. The only difference is it will be tren and masteron short...
  17. S

    Huge cycle thoughts Monstro style

    I don’t know if any of you follow Monstro on Instagram but the guy is a beast. He is my hero for sure and i would kill to have a body like that! Anyway here is my next cycle Tren 500mgs a week Masteron 1000mgs a week Test 250mgs a week Equipoise 1200mgs a week What else should i add in terms of...
  18. G

    Steroid use and saving money

    Seems like steroids are getting cheaper and cheaper these days Back in the old days when i first started using them a typical cycle cost close to or more than $1000 and you had to order international and they would charge a fortune for shipping Now steroids are so much cheaper. I would like to...
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    15 week cycle options

    So I'm trying to put together a 15-week cycle. I have been dreaming of doing a cycle like this since I started using steroids 5 years ago the only thing I need help with is dosing I would like to include 4 compounds: MENT Masteron Prop or E DHB HGH I’m willing to swap in something like anavar in...
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    How do dose sustanon properly with tren and masteron

    So my next cycle is going to be sustanon, tren and masteron I chose tren E and mast E. i know that twice a week is the optimal way to dose it The problem is with sustanon. How are you supposed to dose it to keep proper test levels. Is it EOD? And what is the best dose if you are doing 250mgs of...
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