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    1000mgs of primo per week ready for it

    I would like to use Primo this time in my main objective is to run a 1000 milligrams a week. Would like to build lean muscle mass not put on too much weight. I’m 218 pounds and I’m six foot three and my body fats around 16% so cutting down a little body fat would be fantastic as well. Any...
  2. V

    test, primo and tbol?

    Would a small dose of test, high dose primo and moderate tbol be too mild a cycle or would it work good for me? I’m looking at doing 250mgs test, 500mgs primo and 30mgs a day tbol. Going to do 12 weeks but run the tbol 5 weeks only. I’m 48 years old, 5’9’’ 180 pounds and want to make some lean...
  3. B

    best way to use deca and primo

    I’m looking to stag some Deca and Primo together on my next cycle currently 53 years old and I have experienced using Deca but this is the first time I’ve tried Primo. Goals are moderate muscle gains and maintaining my strength while in a deficit. Was thinking about 300 milligrams of deca how...
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    stacking some hgh with primo and anavar?

    What do you think about doing a cycle using hgh, primo and anavar together? Seems like these three compounds are all good for lean muscle mass and fat burning. They are expensive but I’m willing to spend the money needed. Was thinking of these dosages: 4iu’s a day hgh 100mgs a day anavar 250mgs...
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    Dosing primo 200mgs 3x per week

    my goals are lean muscle mass and low side effects I’m currently around 45 years old and I’m five foot 6 172 pounds and probably around 10% body fat I’m going to be taking Primo at 200 milligrams three times a week which comes out to around 6 or 700 milligrams a week total. My question is how...
  6. Z

    domestic supply primo cycle results

    primo and test cyp has been excellent from my favorite source domestic supply! Using 400mgs a week Of the primo and it’s so smooth I don’t have any problems with the injections. The testosterone is just the smooth and they go well together. I decided to go 200 milligrams of the testosterone and...
  7. V

    can primo really bulk you up?

    A friend of mine put on about 20 pounds recently and I asked him what he was on and he said primo. I thought that was weird it because all of my research shows that Primo is a good cutter but not good for bulking it got me interested in wanting to try it to bulk up as well have any of you had...
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    2 injectables with just 1 oral

    25 years old and this is the second time I’ve used steroids I’m 158 pounds and I’m five foot six I know some of you on here are against using oral steroids but I think they’re amazing and they kick in really fast. I’m interested in using a couple injectables, test and primo. And then I would...
  9. R

    how would you use testosterone with primo for cutting?

    I’m interested in putting together a true cutting cycle using Primo. My plan is doing 100 milligrams of Primo per day which will come out to about 700 milligrams I might miss a day of injecting so it could be only 600 milligrams but you get the point. How much testosterone would you use with...
  10. G

    would primo work well with test prop?

    Very interested in running my first Primo cycle and I would like to match it with a testosterone that you would recommend going with. My stats are 43 years old. 5th cycle ever. 210 pounds and 17% body fat. I’ve got enough primo to run it as high as 600mgs for 12 weeks. Should I stack in test...
  11. C

    puritysourcelabs sales currently?

    Can anyone fill me in on the current sales from Purity Source labs that you are providing to USA customers. I’m about to place a pretty big order I need some testosterone some equipoise and some Primo as well along with anti-estrogens and things I need for post cycle.
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    rotating both test and primo + an oral

    currently 5’10’’ 188 pounds and 18% body fat I’m interested in using 12 weeks of testosterone and primobolan. Got a plan all laid out and hear me out: 250mgs a week primo, 200mgs a week test cyp. Five weeks at that dosage then the last seven weeks I will double everything up. Question is adding...
  13. L

    15 weeks - EQ or Primo?

    Hi All, I am stuck with the following decision on my next cycle and would like you input please. The two choices are below. Before you suggest other dosages, know that this these have been worked out based on what I can be supplied and according to my budget. So, in other words, it is the one...
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    can a skinny guy still use primo?

    I’m a very skinny guy, 6’2’’ and 170 pounds. I am definitely a hard Gainer and I’m 24 years old. As much as I try to eat I still can’t gain anything. However I don’t want to take something that’s gonna bulk me up big so my family thinks I’m on anything I want to take Primo. Do you think that...
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    most idea primo stack for success!

    I’m 5’10’’ 190 pounds and 16% body fat. 44 years old. Been a while since I used steroids, probably a good 5 or 6 years. Looking to start up a cycle with primobolan this time. What is the most ideal way to use primobolan for success on my next cycle? What would you stack it with?
  16. Z

    anadrol cycle with what?

    I’m looking to try anadrol 50mgs a day for mass and strength heard this stuff is amazing I’m a hundred fifty eight pounds and five foot seven 24 years old wondering if you would recommend I stack anything with it like testosterone or maybe a mild steroid like Primo or maybe VAR or should I just...
  17. M

    using primo for strength and size?

    Was wondering if using Primo would work for strength and size or is there a better steroid for that how about if I stacked deca with it? Would that work? I’m thinking of doing 1000mgs primo and then adding in 1-2CC’s of deca per week then I could also add in sustanon 500mgs a week the reason I...
  18. T

    Highest dose of Primo you have tried?

    Seems like Primo is making a comeback and it seems to be more popular here than other websites curious those of you who love Primo what is the highest dosage you have used of it I read that Arnold Schwarzenegger would use 700 milligrams a week or even more that seems like it’d be really...
  19. X

    healthier option. Anavar or primo?

    Just want to hear some opinions on options for a healthy steroid stack It my choices are between VAR and Primo want to do 50mgs a day or 500mgs of primo a week if you are on both of these hypothetically for say eight weeks which would be the healthier option? I’m 25 years old and I am 180 pounds...
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    domestic supply cleanest gear no problems!

    I’m very open and honest with my physician and I told him I was using anabolic steroids. He said that it was okay but just if my blood pressure went up I should stop using them my blood pressure was at 125/75 throughout the cycle with no issues I used their test, primo and some anavar also used...
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