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  1. T

    can i make gains on primo and anavar?

    i'm currently in my 30’s and train 4x per week my weight gains have slowed down a lot. Almost like I hit a plateau. I’m currently 207 and 6’1’’. body fat is around 14%. problem is when I try to gain weight my body fat rises figured I could try primobolan and anavar together. But how much weight...
  2. D

    Deca and primo stack

    Hello everyone I'm 52 years old and I would like to run my next steroid cycle it has been about 4 years since I have done steroids but before that I would do them off and on for 15 years my full stats are 5'11 and I weigh around 195 lb my goals are strength and bulking I would like to stack deca...
  3. W

    3 month female stack

    10mgs a day tbol 10mgs a day of winstrol Half a ML of primo injection 2-3x per week Do you think it would be okay to stack things together like this. I am taking NAC supplements and also i am 155 pounds and 5’10’’ 35 years old
  4. B

    anadrol and primo

    I’m gonna try stacking anadrol and primobolan this time 25mgs anadrol along with 1000mgs primo a week not the cheapest cycle but I want to see what happens I guess my goal is more size but also more cut too thoughts? I’m 40 years old and 15% body fat
  5. S

    domestic supply has good products for sure

    best gear i have ever used, i am having a lot of fun on this stack and getting a lot leaner and losing fat. discreet packaging and 2 week shipment. communication is good 24 hour response time. packaging was excellent and on point, no problems. i ordered primo, npp, tbol, viagra. got great...
  6. O

    Sex drop panic time?

    I’m using primobolan 500mgs a week along with testosterone which i am using at between 200-300mgs a week My sex drive has Plummeted on this cycle. I blame the primo cause it never drops on test for me in the past is there any advice on how I can reverse this without having to stop everything...
  7. L


    fast shipping and great products I'm very pleased using PSL for the 3rd time. they always shipped to me and I always get it in about a week to 10 days. They save me a fortune also because their prices are incredible can't complain about anything Communication & Ordering process was very easy...
  8. 4

    female primo cycle

    I’m 5’6’’ 145 pounds I have an athletic build my goals are more strength, I’m very weak, I can only benchthe bar and like 10 pounds on each side. I see other chicks doing 100+ how much primo would be good for me without turning into aman
  9. R

    EQ or primo?

    If you could choose between equipoise EQ or Primobolan which one would you choose for me? I’m 44 years old I have ran 5 cycles in my life 2 years off of the steroids 6’1’’ 180 pounds lean 12% body fat I am going to use testosterone @150mg a week My choice is EQ or Primo 500mg...
  10. P

    Extreme mood swings on cycle.

    Hello everyone. Need help with a female client on cycle. First off: 12 week body sculpting Doses: 30mg Primobolan Bayer E3D 5mg Oxa morning ED 5mg Oxa night ED 20mcg clen morning ED Diet is on point Current BF 8% Started 15% (8 weeks prior) High level strength athlete Physically this...
  11. wadboram

    Test/Primo/Winny Cycle - Advice

    This is the dose per week Test Cyp 300mg Primo 200mg Winstrol inj. 200mg 6 Weeks cycle Can I inject 2 or more of each in the same syringe? 100 mg = 1 ml any advice for this cycle and to reduce pinning?
  12. J

    Tren E , Mass 400 , Primo

    hey guys im new to this forum stuff and was wondering if you guys with abit of experience or knowledge could tell me how to run my cycle,to get the best out of it ,im currently thinking of running a 10 week cycle with tren E - 200mg a week mass 400 - 400mg a week primo- 200 mg a week so i...
  13. W

    Anabolic steroids after 10 years being natty

    Guys, I'm 25 years old and I've been working out continously for something about 10 years. I'm 185 lbs @ 5'10" and can get decent size and body fat levels with the proper workout/diet (I'm a meso). However, every year is more difficult to maintain or enhance what I've achieved being a natty...
  14. E

    20 week Primobolan Cycle

    Hi Everyone! I've done 2 12 week 2 cycles of Primo and Var so far, in the past with good results. They were 500/wk Primo and 40mg Var daily. I'm currently on TRT as well. My stats are 5'10 180lbs about 7% BF. I've been reading other forums that to get the full potential of Primobolan, it should...
  15. R

    Primo depending on weight?

    Being a man, the dosis of Primo must be smaller if my weight is less? Could be 500per week enough for a 50kilos guy? or should i increase the dose? Thanks you very much.
  16. wadboram

    Short Cycle - Primo and Masteron

    I ran before a short cycle of primo (2 weeks) of 300mg/wk and it made a reasonable 2 lbs gain. I'm fan of Bill Roberts's short cycles. I'm 92 KG -174cm - 16-17% body fat - training for about 5 years. I'm thinking of running another 2 weeks cycle with the objective of adding clean lean mass...
  17. M

    Primo vs. Tren Cycles?

    I'm pretty torn between two cycles so I'm asking what you guys would choose between these two based purely on results (side-effects won't have an effect on my decision. My goal is to lean myself out. This will be my 4th cycle after 3 years clean. And, yes, I have used tren before. Cycle 1...
  18. A

    some help and advice on Parabolan test cyp, primo cycle

    this is my first AAS cycle and I've been researching but still would love some advice , i know a lot will say tren is not for inexperienced users but i think a low dose will be fine , i don't want to put on serious mass i just want a good lean shape and definition with single digit bf with no...
  19. C

    Primo+Winstrol (tabs)

    Hello Elite Fitness. Im new to the board, and I have some questions concerning a cycle consisting of primo and maybe Winstrol tabs. Im 30 years old, and did some Test E + Dbol 4-5 years ago. Ive been training since I was 17 or so, also martial arts. Id say my core training is pretty good...
  20. PhedraCut

    Recomp with a difference

    Hi Everyone, After sitting in the background and reading everyone else's posts for some time, decided to take the plunge and post something ... I'm an old hack having done amateur bodybuilding on and off for some 30 years now, having tried and tested most compounds at some or other point. My...