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    Benefits of doing equipoise

    I'm looking to educate myself on doing an equipoise cycle. my first cycle I did was testosteroneAnd I did my dose around 250 to 400 mg a week. I raised it during the cycle my next cycle I'm looking to keep about 8 lb and I want the games to be capable I'm curious about doing equipoise on the...
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    Equipoise dosing with tren and/or test?

    Looking to do something that will give me lean muscle mass improvements Also worried about my size, don’t want to get too bulky I’m 6’1’’ and 210 pounds. 15% body fat Excited to try equipoise, 800mgs a week Now do i stack in tren or test with it? My choices are going to be between the tren...
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    Equipoise and sustanon time

    Train for the past 2 years without any gear. I would like to do a competition in the future. I'm 10% body fat 180 lb and 5 ft 6 in Currently 25 years old my basic goals are to get lean results and get my abs popping out I'm taking Omega oils, milk thistle, joint support, and I'm also taking a...
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    Injecting equipoise from puritysource labs with an oral

    hi everybody I'm really interested in trying puritysourcelabs for the first time I have never ordered from an online Source before but these guys have really good reviews so I'm going to try the steroid that I'm interested in using is equipoise. I have used it before but it was from a gym buddy...
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    Equipoise cycle run

    Okay so i ran a test only cycle for my first time Gained like 15 pounds, kept like 8 or 9 out of that. I’m now 174 pounds and 5’6’’ with 9-11% body fat Now it is time for some EQ baby How much equipoise would work best for me? My goals are more lean muscle mass. I don’t want to bloat up again...
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    Adding equipoise to my next test run

    I am currently doing a blast and cruise for the past year and a half I'm cruising around 200 to 250 mg of testosterone per week and then I'm blasting 500 to 750 mg my next blast I was thinking of staying at 250 mg of testosterone and then running equipoise at around 800 to 1,000 mg a week my...
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    EQ cycle, 10 weeks

    I’m looking to do a 10 week equipoise cycle then run testosterone another 4 weeks So a total of 14 weeks on the cycle The EQ would be 500mgs a week The test would be 200mgs a week I want low side effects !! I’m 48 years old Have not used steroids in about 4 years 6’2’’ and 190 pounds with 15%...
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    almost done with equipoise stacking

    I did a long cycle of testosterone enanthate and equipoise. It was 16 weeks the first part of the cycle was 400mgs of each, then I upped the EQ to 800mgs got really good results. Put on about 8 pounds total. Up to 204 pounds and 5’10’’ and 33 years old what would be the next step after pct? Do I...
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    Do i still need anti estrogens?

    This is going to be my cycle I keep getting conflicting info on if i should need an anti estrogen I am doing equipoise 600mgs a week Testosterone enanthate 150mgs a week And masteron enanthate 400mgs a week I’m 33 years old, 17% body fat and 203 pounds and never had issues before and want to...
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    Nice stack for lean gains?

    33 years old 5’9’’ 183 pounds 14% Looking hard at using equipoise but never used it Would 800mgs a week be a good dose with 200mgs of test/week? Also which oral steroid can I add to kick-start things
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    2 year cycle plan

    I wanted to go over my 2 year cycle plan and see what you thought about it I’m 26 years old and 240 pounds and tall 500mgs testosterone and trenbolone 12 weeks 16 weeks cruising 200mgs test only Then take 8 weeks off Then go back on testosterone with equipoise this time for 12 weeks Then cruise...
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    Doing a conservative cycle this time

    I'm looking to run something with very low side effects. I want to just focus on my training and get leaner i suppose Currently 15% body fat. 6’ 214, 43 years old I was looking at equipoise, primobolan, tbol, and anavar. Which one would you recommend and how much?
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    Napsgear equipoise perfect

    I'm loving my current equipoise cycle and I'm doing 500 mg a week I got it off napsgear Lots of good endurance increase and also my workouts seem to be more intense Not many side effects here at all. I’m happy overall
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    Pre vacation cycle

    I want to look good for my vacation to Jamaica so i can attract lots of hot Jamaican women I'm 6 ft tall and I weigh 170 lb 35 years old and my body fat is around 11% I have some steroids i want to run Winstrol Masteron Primo Equipoise Help me pick 2 to use. My vacation is in 8 weeks
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    Equipoise doesn’t work ?

    I'm currently on a steroid stack of equipoise 500 mg a week I started out around 200 pounds, i’m currently like 202 6’1’’ and 28 years old I was wondering if this was a very mild steroid because I'm on week 4 and not seeing much of anything. Do you think I got fake stuff?
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    Do you think i should bulk up on EQ?

    There isn't much talk lately about equipoise but it seems to be a very popular steroid out there I'm currently 178 lb and 6 ft 1 in I'm lean and I have room to put on some size. 33 years old how much equipoise would you think I would need to run if I wanted to bulk up on it
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    High dose equipoise?

    I've been reading some things online where I see some physique competitors who are using an insane amount of equipoise ahead of competitions. I've seen over a gram up to 2 grams worth I was thinking of trying maybe 1500 mg a week what would be the side effects that I should be looking for if...
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    female bulking stack

    I am looking to bulk up a little bit as a female I want to try 50mgs a week equipoise and 5mgs a day winstrol can you recommend me a good source for those I’m 5’1’’ 95 pounds and 23
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    How much equipoise?

    A lot of different opinions out there on equipoise wondering what your strategy will be for someone like me who is looking to stay active and run something that won't give me a lot of side effects I've heard those images from 250 mg up to 1,200 mg of EQ What say you? I’m 32 years old, and 175...
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    How to stack in proviron here

    I’m 95kg and 5’10’’ 39 years old. Body fat is 15% Took some time off due to covid, but now back in the grind again I’m gonna do 1000mgs sustanon250. 4CC’s every 8 days Also want to use equipoise 800mgs a week what is the best way to use proviron in this stack and is it worth it?