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  1. L

    15 weeks - EQ or Primo?

    Hi All, I am stuck with the following decision on my next cycle and would like you input please. The two choices are below. Before you suggest other dosages, know that this these have been worked out based on what I can be supplied and according to my budget. So, in other words, it is the one...
  2. A

    napsgear is truly the best!

    Big thanks to richard brown, stevesmi and mobster for their napsgear guidance. Richard posted a nice sales promo. Was able to pick up EQ and test for 50% off! What a great deal! Ran the equipoise 600mgs a week and test 300mgs a week. Ended up being a fantastic ratio and I was able to put on some...
  3. bigdextreme74

    Updated Feb 7.2024 BigD Supreme Bulking cycle - Testosterone, Deca, Anadrol, Dbol, Trenbolone, Equipoise, Masteron

    Hey there. I just found out that no one could see my log that is in pdf form. I am going to post it again for everyone to see. It is a lot of info. This wil cover 3 posts. Bloodwork Component Nov 2020 Jun 2021 Dec 2021 Mar 2022 Aug 2022 Nov 2022 Feb 2023 Jul 2023 WBC Normal Range: 3.8...
  4. bigdextreme74

    Approved Log BigD Supreme Bulking cycle - Testosterone, Deca, Anadrol, Dbol, Trenbolone, Equipoise, Masteron Log

    Hey brothers! I am updating my cycle and stats. I did not like how it posted (3 different posts) This is my first ever log. First a little about me. I tend to be a very private person and I don’t like a lot of attention. Hence, for me to put myself out there is a huge step. I was a tall...
  5. Z

    equipoise is a great steroid

    my eq experience has been pretty good so far and wanted to share I’ve been doing 600mgs a week along with some test with it 200mgs I’m at week 5. seeing some good endurance, lean mass and strength wondering what should I expect for the next five weeks as is the first time I’ve used it and should...
  6. W

    stacking equipoise for active lifestyle

    50 years old used steroids throughout my 30’s and backed off using them in my 40’s after my divorce now want to dive back in. I’m 215 pounds and tall and lean interested in trying EQ for the first time I’ve come to the conclusion that 300mg is going to be the perfect dosage I lead an active...
  7. J

    equipoise and test prop yay or nay?

    How would you use equipoise and test prop together? My friend hooked me up with some vials of them and he said that they would be excellent for bulking up my thought is running 500 mg of test prop, but my concern is do I need to inject this stuff every day? Also with equipoise with 400 mg be...
  8. T

    anavar, test and equipoise?

    I’m looking for a general improvements to my physique and getting lean muscle mass my choices are equipoise, testosterone, and perhaps anavar I’m gonna be doing 500mgs EQ 250mgs test cyp 25mgs anavar AM, 10mgs anavar PM my question is with 12 weeks on a stack like this yield the best results or...
  9. T

    do weightlifters like equipoise?

    Wanted to get a sense of what kind of demographics are using equipoise I’m currently interested in doing 500mgs a week of EQ. Perhaps some test 200mgs or so, and then adding in an oral I’m a pure weightlifter. NOT a bodybuilder and NOT a powerlifter I just like lifting weights let’s put it that...
  10. M

    blood donations on cycle?

    I’m currently doing a cycle of equipoise, testosterone and NPP 400mgs of test, 300mgs NPP and 500mgs of EQ I know my blood is getting thicker and I would like to donate. Never donated before will they know I am on steroids and reject me or what? Don’t they ask that question when you go in...
  11. X

    how would you run equipoise for endurance?

    I’m looking to get my endurance up with equipoise I’m curious how you would run it in this particular stack with 200 milligrams of testosterone stats are six foot two and 185 pounds and I like to run about three or four miles every evening after work trying to figure out a good way to use it for...
  12. JimAbs43

    Podcast Underground 29 - Equipoise Bulk with Geneza Pharma Underground 29 - Equipoise Bulk with Geneza Pharma
  13. X

    PSL deca with equipoise feedback?

    anyone try PSL deca? what about PSL equipoise? looking to stack them both together but want to make sure that you guys have experience using their products should I expect a lot of side effects or what I be safe using them if I was the stack 500 mg of each for 12 weeks
  14. B

    Napsgear injectables are what i love

    I will admit that I've never loved injectables before Always had a fear of needles and was worried about things like post injection pain For this reason I spent years just running oral steroids However thanks to this forum i took the plunge and decided to try napsgear injectables because of how...
  15. C

    Would you rather run masteron or equipoise for cutting?

    I am cruising at 200 mg of testosterone and I've been doing this for the past couple years. looking to do a blast to cut down and harden up if you were to choose between equipoise and masteron which one would you do to achieve this and what dosage would you run? I'm 42 years old and I am 180 lb...
  16. G

    Is equipoise for bodybuilders or just weight lifters?

    was having this debate at the gym with few guys. one guy said that equipoise is not for bodybuilders and it's only good for weight training because it increases your appetite too much another guy disagreed and says that he thinks a lot of bodybuilders use it I'm currently 165 lb 5 ft 9 in tall...
  17. B

    How about tbol and equipoise ?

    everybody on here is always talking about how they primobolan and anavar Well not all of us can afford to spend that sort of money what do you think about using tbol and equipoise instead? is it more of a poor man's version or is it a situation where you wouldn't even notice the difference? I'm...
  18. V

    Choosing the best EQ stack

    50 years old 5’8’’ Training 2-3x per week. (i’m a very busy guy running 2 businesses) When i train though, i train HARD for 70-100 minutes balls to the wall Feel like i am in great shape Gonna be using equipoise and something else Not sure what to stack with it What would you stack with EQ for...
  19. B

    Benefits of doing equipoise

    I'm looking to educate myself on doing an equipoise cycle. my first cycle I did was testosteroneAnd I did my dose around 250 to 400 mg a week. I raised it during the cycle my next cycle I'm looking to keep about 8 lb and I want the games to be capable I'm curious about doing equipoise on the...
  20. N

    Equipoise dosing with tren and/or test?

    Looking to do something that will give me lean muscle mass improvements Also worried about my size, don’t want to get too bulky I’m 6’1’’ and 210 pounds. 15% body fat Excited to try equipoise, 800mgs a week Now do i stack in tren or test with it? My choices are going to be between the tren...
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