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    another good domestic supply cycle

    was looking for nice mild lean gains decided to do a domestic supply run with primo and anavar did 500mgs primo for 12 weeks. And did anavar for 8 weeks in the middle of it tremendous cycle and successful overall put on 5 pounds of lean gains and lost body fat too
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    I’m a female and want to use anavar

    hello everyone I’m a female who is interested in using anavar 10mgs a day gonna use it with test as well I’m trying to get bigger and bulk up currently 135 pounds and 5 foot 7 inches how much testosterone would you recommend I use it and should I go with a short Ester compound I was reading...
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    very hungry on anavar!

    First time using var and this is my 2nd week For the past five months I’ve been losing weight and I’ve already lost over 30 pounds I can control my Cravings really well but ever since I started using anavar my hunger has been crazy high is this normal for females who use anavar for the first...
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    testosterone injections with anavar

    so I want to try injections for the first time with steroids I’ve used orals before gonna be stacking anavar with it but low dose maybe 20-25mgs a day test will be 500mgs a week and 2 pins a week split dose goal is more strength and size. had some questions Since I’m doing injectables mostly do...
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    tbol vs. anavar for this cycle?

    I’m looking to kickstart my testosterone and equipoise cycle with either anavar or tbol 5 week oral kickstart goals are lean muscle mass 6’ tall and 183 pounds I train daily for 30 minutes and do about 15 sets looking for something with low sides I guess
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    geneza pharma making dreams come true

    5 years ago I weighed 300 pounds I set out to change my body for good learned about different diet strategies. Tried fasting and got my training consistent geneza pharma provided me some great steroids I used anavar, tren, and test from them not high doses. Now I am 210 pounds, 10% body fat and...
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    using tren 150mgs a week a waste?

    What do you think about using tren 150mgs a week? Is it a waste of money or do you think it has any benefits? I was gonna use it with 250mgs of test E and then stack some anavar 50mgs a day with it and go 10 weeks I’m 40 yrs old, 6’2’’ 180 pounds
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    female confused on dosing anavar

    I’m seeing a lot of information out there on using anavar but it’s very confusing to me I’m seeing those soon recommended from 5 mg all the way up to 100 mg reading a lot of literature on this steroid it seems like a lot of people got away with running much lower dosing than what’s recommended...
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    how to choose a female steroid stack

    there are several options for me to choose from for my next steroid cycle It will be my third one I’m 40 years old and I am 5 foot 7 inches and I weigh approximately 148 pounds the three steroids are most interested in are winstrol, anavar and testosterone would it be possible to stack all 3? my...
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    Beginner Anavar Stack

    Hello, new here. I’m a 5’6” 169lbs woman. The past 3 months have been a “lean bulk” period for me, with me eating around 2200 calories and primarily strength training with light cardio. I’ve gained about 4lbs (started this period at 165) and added some weight to my lifts. My max bench went from...
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    geneza pharma Mild steroid stack

    So I put together a pretty good mild steroid stack that I got from geneza pharma just wanted some feedback on what you thought of it. I’ve got several steroids anavar, primobolan, testosterone propionate and some tbol my plan was 200mgs test prop 500mgs primo and then some anavar to kickstart I...
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    Gaining more strength as a female

    so I'm looking to gain more strength but I don't want to get any masculine side effects either I know that steroids are definitely something other women at my gym are using I'm currently in a situation where I would like to improve on my workouts. I'm currently benching around 90 lb and I would...
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    Tren ace cycle yum yum!

    Excited to try my first tren ace cycle the dosage that I am planning on using is 150 mg a week now on top of that what would you recommend I use if the choices were: Testosterone Anavar Anadrol Winstrol my goals are going to be recomposition. I'm currently 14% body fat and would like to cut down...
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    Geneza pharma i’m happy

    Cannot complain about my experiences with geneza pharma Have now done 3 cycles with them First 2 times package took 1 week to get to me 3rd time took 5 days only.. Shipped monday and arrived to me saturday The gear itself is perfect. Testosterone, anavar, and primobolan have been my choices. All...
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    How low on the anavar for females?

    I'm looking to do the absolute minimum dosage of anavar for females One of my girlfriends says that she ran it 2.5 mg a day and had good results. I on the other hand have run it between 5 and 10 mg and I needed to run it higher to see anything. not sure if it's my genetics or what's going on...
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    Are post work supps legit?

    What are your thoughts on using post workout supplements for my next cycle? I’m gonna be using test, tren and anavar together My main concern is injuries and recovery What is the best post workout supplement to offset any of those issues?
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    How about anavar for a 60 year old?

    So I posted this question on several forums but usually I get flamed away based on my age Yes i am 62 years old. I am recently retired and spend the bulk of my time travelling and lifting weights as a single man I feel like i am in my 40’s. Never used steroids before. My test levels are still...
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    Which tren out of these choices?

    33 years old Using steroids 5 years Training 4-6x per week. Usually 45-70 minutes Want to take the leap of faith on tren for the first time Up to 195 pounds on cycle and 185 pounds off cycle 5’6’’ Goal is 200+ pounds and getting stronger The choices are: Tren ace Tren E TNE tren no ester Tri...
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    What would be a good 3rd cycle steroid?

    First cycle was test only 2nd cycle was test with oral kickstart, used anavar What would be a good 3rd cycle with or without testosterone i don’t care. Also open to using orals but would prefer another injectable Goals are to continue my journey at getting stronger and putting on more lean...
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    Immune from Side effects for females on steroids?

    I’ve now done 2 steroid cycles First one was tbol and 2nd was anavar Have not experienced side effects yet, i’m 5’7’ 148 pounds and around 20% body fat Looking to lean up more and also get stronger. I feel like i have room to get more aggressive since i am not prone to issues. Should i try...
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