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  1. N

    how to use anavar correctly with test and primo

    I’m looking to do a lean muscle mass cycle 42 years old, first cycle in three years 186 pounds and five foot eight my blueprint is as follows: primo 500mgs a week anavar 40mgs a day test 200mgs a week what do you think about this type of cycle for my goals do you think that should change...
  2. J

    does primo work better then anavar? Female cycle

    Looking to get in on the party it’s not just for the boys. I’m five foot 6… 150 pounds and I’m looking to get stronger at 38 years old I’m looking at some of the basics of steroid use. Seems like primobolan is very mild and would be similar to using anavar but be less harsh on the liver. Is this...
  3. C

    geneza pharma test, anavar, and EQ

    decided to try a stack of testosterone, anavar and equipoise. Went with all 3 on this stack. It was 200mgs test, 500mgs EQ and 25mgs var per day. Side effects were not bad at all I ran it for 12 weeks and ended up gaining about six pounds net of clean muscle mass. Also got stronger and more...
  4. D

    stacking some GW501516 with steroids

    hello everybody I’m 48 years old and I’m 190 pounds and I’m five foot six I’m using EQ, test and anavar. Want to add in some sarms or two. Gw501516 is a must, I like what it does for my fat burning and my endurance but what other sarms would you add into something like this that’s going to be a...
  5. Y

    geneza pharma does it again!

    another successful geneza pharma cycle is in the books. I’ve been on it for the past 10 weeks and I’ve been doing their testosterone and Primo. I’m getting very modest results but I’m very pleased with what I’m seeing. Getting some nice effects. low sides, i like this stack. their process is...
  6. K

    test prop time with anavar

    never used test prop before. I’ve only used test cyp and E. so this will be the first time injecting this often but I’m okay with it. My plan is doing 50 milligrams every other day. Gonna be using anavar with it and do them together for 8 weeks total. My cycle looks like this: test prop 50mgs...
  7. X

    domestic supply is all I need going forward

    been using steroids for the past year and having very good experiences with domestic Supply. Did 2 cycles with them. First cycle was anavar, test and primo. Gained about 7 pounds and kept 5. 2nd cycle was tren, test, and masteron. Gained about 10 pounds and kept 7. lookin good and feeling even...
  8. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #61 - Anavar 2024 with Para Pharma Hardcore 2.0 #61 - Anavar 2024 with Para Pharma
  9. N

    napsgear anavar and tren together nice!

    Wasn’t sure what kind of results I would get by stacking both tren and anavar but I’ve been very impressed with the results I’m getting using napsgear. so far so good and the Stack has gone well together! I’m doing 200mgs of tren per week and 50mgs a day anavar. First two weeks started feeling...
  10. V

    PuritySourceLabs how is puritysourcelabs anavar?

    Once steroid I have not used yet in my life is anavar for some reason. I guess I’ve been scared to use it because I’ve heard so many people using fakes. Gonna try PSL and I was wondering if they’re orals are as good as their injectables. Who has personally tried their var and what would you...
  11. H

    anavar and dbol mix for 6 weeks

    I’m a newbie to steroids and I’m 25 years old six foot 1 178 pounds and lean looking to do an oral run of anavar and dbol for 6 weeks. Its gonna be 20mgs of each per day I’ve got liver support ready but please suggest to me a good supplement to use with it. My question is would it be okay to...
  12. X

    domestic supply cutting cycle perfect!

    This was a perfect stack that I did from domestic supply. It was Primo 500mgs a week Anavar 40mgs a day (sometimes I only did 20-30mgs cause I would forget my PM dose) also did some test but only 100mgs a week. Lost about 3% body fat and I feel so energetic and motivated. The vascularity is...
  13. P

    napsgear steroid stack success

    just finished a 15 week cycle! very pleased with my results as I put on around 10 pounds and also built some strength. Was able to lean out as well using masteron, trenbolone and some anavar. Will recommend this stack to others. Napsgear Also has excellent customer service and shipping options...
  14. T

    test prop + anavar recomp from domestic supply

    just want to report a positive experience using testosterone propionate and anavar from domestic supply. They have been on point across the board. Domestic Supply not only has excellent customer service but their products themselves are excellent. I’ve used anavar before, but pretty sure both...
  15. T

    best injectable to use with anavar?

    I’m looking to do a summer cycle that is generally mild where I can enjoy the summer life while also building up a nice physique. Currently late 30’s. 172 pounds/ 5’7’’ . body fat is around 12% got 2 packets of anavar 50mgs per pill. Obviously I don’t plan on using all of this on one cycle but...
  16. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #48 - Shred with Anavar and Primobolan? Para Pharma part #2 Hardcore 2.0 #48 - Shred with Anavar and Primobolan? Para Pharma part #2
  17. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #47 - Shred with Anavar and Masteron? Para Pharma Hardcore 2.0 #47 - Shred with Anavar and Masteron? Para Pharma
  18. B

    stacking anavar, EQ, and oral winstrol

    I’m looking to run 3 steroids on my next cycle anavar EQ oral winstrol I have the dosing that I want to do. Winstrol 50mgs per day 6 weeks anavar 5 weeks going 40mgs a day equipoise around 300mgs a week. But my question is should I increase the EQ higher? Stats are 27 years old third cycle and...
  19. K

    anavar 50mgs a day works good with eq?

    I’m currently doing equipoise 500mgs a week with some anavar… my var dose was 40mgs a day on my last cycle. Now I want to increase to 50mgs. Stats are pretty modest I’m five foot 6 188 pounds and I’m 34 years old hopefully I can gain a little size without putting on body fat as my body fat is...
  20. NurseLulu13

    Approved Log My Anavar Training and Diet Log - Female

    Starting my LOG thread now to get a jump start, but not starting my cycle quite yet. Here is some info about me: 40 yrs old Fluctuate between 123-133 pounds depending on season, hoodies vs bikinis, currently bringing myself back down to the lower end, sitting at 126 now. 5'6" Started...
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