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test e

  1. H

    Need advice. Heart transplant, now struggling with TRT?No energy

    So I’m really needing some advice bc I’m getting so much conflicting info, and my endocrinologist is 80 yrs old and I have little faith in him. So I’ll try to be brief, but it’s a long story. Basically I’ve been an electrician my whole life, I’ll be 45 in sept, and I had a heart attack...
  2. X

    using test E and equipoise good idea?

    40 years old six foot tall 182 pounds Just wondering what you thought about using a simple testosterone enanthate cycle to go with some equipoise was thinking of doing testosterone around 200 milligrams a week and using equipoise around 300 milligrams a week stacking some aromasin with it a good...
  3. J

    switching to test prop from test E

    I’m looking to switch from long esters to short esters. Currently doing 300mgs a week of test E and want to switch over to test prop. Don’t ask me why or be a smartass I just want to change it up. I’m week 6 of a 12 week cycle then I want to come off for 20 weeks. My question is what kinds of...
  4. L

    15 weeks - EQ or Primo?

    Hi All, I am stuck with the following decision on my next cycle and would like you input please. The two choices are below. Before you suggest other dosages, know that this these have been worked out based on what I can be supplied and according to my budget. So, in other words, it is the one...
  5. K

    Approved Log Test and NPP bulking advice log

    Hello everyone, I'm 25 years old and have been training for about 5 years. I have the typical Ectomorph body type with abs all year round, and I struggle with eating and gaining weight. My first cycle was exactly a year ago, 300mg of Test E per week for a total of 12 weeks, along with MK677 on...
  6. C

    PSL review, very pleased

    wanted to try tren for the first time, naturally i chose these guys cause i trusted their high quality products never had a doubt they communicated the whole way clean packaging, 5 stars Ordered tbol, test E, tren ace results and effectiveness was up 7.5 pounds
  7. M

    PSL got me my order fast

    Can't believe how easy it is to order from these guys and how fast a ship. It's like ordering off any other website. 24 hours on average to answer ..amazing with bubble wrapped perfect packing i got their test E and C, also adex and already up 12 pounds
  8. D

    fast and quality products

    took them some time to confirm my payment but I'm kind of impatient and it was a three-day weekend. They shipped it a few days later and I got it within a week so it was super fast Geneza is the best gear so far easy to use the source Communication & Ordering process was very quick to respond...
  9. A

    Masteron or Anavar with my Test Enanthate for lean gains?

    Hi all, Please help me with the below, I will greatly appreciate your opinions and it will help me in my decision. Goal: Gain lean muscle. Just finished a cut, was in a calorie deficit for 10 weeks... I am ready to start a calorie surplus and gain lean muscle with assistance of this cycle...
  10. H

    Questions on second cycle...again

    So right now the cycles looking like 400mg test e a week for 12 weeks 50 mg of winny for 8 weeks 12.5 grams of aromasin EOD And the basic pct program of 20mg nolvadex for 4 weeks with 100mg chlomid first 2 weeks and 50 the last two weeks. Now would it be bad to add in a small 4 week kick start...
  11. H

    Questions about my second cycle?

    Im about to start a second cycle and i have so many questions I've been researching about for months now. I originally only did test-e 500mg a week with arimidex .5 mg EOD for my first. But it came with so much bloating. People were saying my face ballooned outta proportion. Now my second cycle...
  12. N

    First cycle for me

    Hi guys I need your help , I got test e 250 ionx pharmaceutical and Boldenone 300ROHM I will injecte1 ml test e and .5 Boldenone by mix them in one seranje twice a week . First shot was from two days . Today I have sore and swollen in my glut and fever symptoms. I know it’s test fever ...
  13. L

    Tip on my first cycle?

    Hey guys/gals, I’m new to this page and looking for some insight, maybe I need to make some changes to what I’m planning on taking. I’m 21, 5’7 167lbs 8-10% BF, been working out religiously since I was 15 but have only been dieting properly since I was 18. This is what my 10 week run will look...
  14. L

    Second Cycle - DBol/Test e/Winny - Advice Appreciated

    I am planning on starting my second AAS cycle at the end of this summer. Stats: 24 yo 6'2" 198 lbs 11% bf I am planning on running: Week 1-4 DBol 40 mg/day Week 1-14 Test E 500 mg/week Week 10-16 Winny 50mg/day Week 7-16 HCG 500 iu/E4D PCT starting the day after last dose of Winny Clomid...
  15. C

    Help with switching testosterones during TRT

    I am currently using 50mg of Test Prop eod for testosterone replacement therapy. I am about to run out of the prop and want to switch to enanthate, mainly so I don't have to pin so often. How would I go about switching to enanthate during my trt? I am wanting to know what the timing would be...
  16. D

    1st test e cycle cut or bulk?

    Hey guys Looking for some advice I'm 25 and have been weight lifting for about 6 years now, I'm looking to start my 1st test e cycle as I am going away on holiday in 9 weeks and wanting to look great 6ft 4 ,218Lb , 17%bf My friend has advised I go with Test E 500mg cutting cycle for 8...
  17. G

    Arimidex + Proviron = too much?

    found the answer. thanks :)
  18. wadboram

    German Voulme Training Outcomes

    I have just finished 8 weeks - GVT (8 weeks 500 Test e/week) My experience: * Lifting for 6 years * Was 209 pounds - now 218 (gained some fat) * Calories average of 3500 /day and more than 250g protein/day * Workout is attached My question is can I use the slow tempo 4020 on my future...
  19. O

    Cycle help

    Hey guys, first time poster here. Just wanted to get a little feedback/criticism about my upcoming cycle. Here's a little about me: 33 years old, 6'1, 210 lbs, about 18% BF. Been working out about 6 years steady. This will be my second cycle, first was just a straight up test E cycle of 600 ml a...
  20. E

    Bridging from TrenA to TrenE

    Hi all Currently on a cycle comprising of: 250mg/week Test-E 37.5mg/day Tren-A Just wrapping up week 6 of the Test-E and week 3 of the Tren-A. Planning on running the tren for 8-9 weeks and the test 12 overall (including the build-up, ramp down of the longer ester test). I have pretty much...
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