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Approved Log Russianstar returns log

Welcome back into the community brother 💪 life has a funny way of showing us the right path sometimes and offen times the hard road is the most rewarding road, in darkness light exists, it all comes down to how hard you are willing to claw your way through the dark to find that light.

Everyone here will be supportive of the comeback and be here for moral support.

I look forward to the comeback and you picking yourself up off the ground and finding a way to push forward.
I've been just doing 5,4,3,2,1 with squat, bench and dead to get me started.
What would you suggest bro?
I've just bought some protein powder based on your post.
And il get some bars tomorrow.

Thank you
@russianstarr add bench and deads to it thats fine to start the big 3
i would just stick to 15 rep sets to get the volume going

and the protein powder is a must take before and after training
bars get at least 1 bar per day check quest
Just to basically open up a little so you know where I am.
I made a lot of money and was a really good looking guy, I thought I was untouchable and I was egotistical.

What happened was I made a mistake, the anxiety of which are me up, and it came out in various ways.
My face became almost completely paralyzed and even today I cant smile properly.
I got MRSA which really scarred my back.. so I lost a lot of confidence.
I went through a divorce and gave my ex the house, to be honest I'm so ashamed I would of done that anyway.
There is a lot more, but basically after dealing with being disowned by my family I decided to go back to the thing I used as a focus which is the gym .
I used to be such a nice person, and i lost all that, i lost my kindness and i want that back.

I wont be able to put things right but I can change my future and be a good example for my kids.

I dont drink or take drugs, which I guess is one positive.
I am sure I will have lost some respect through being open but I want everyone to know who I am.
Thank you all guys.
Saying all this means I can focus on why I'm here.
@russianstarr there is a path back but it start with dedication i'm 100% sure you can step it back up and get back into it

and you can get in shape so you look amazing and feel great
Good afternoon everyone.
So in response my Sunday was a lazy day on the whole. Spending time with my boys and doing some online work.

Today though was much better. Thanks to the advice here .

Cereal with protein and milk.
Black coffee.
Pre workout drink

Legs day.
Squats I went for volume as I wasn't feeling that strong.
5 sets of 10 squats.
70kg x 10
80 kg x 10
90kg x 10
95kg x 10
100kg x 10

4 sets of leg extensions
65kg x 12
70kg x 12
75kg x 10
80kg x 10

Hamstring curls
60kg x 8
70kg x 7
80kg x 6

Sit ups
3 x 15

Calf raises
Donkey calf 4 x 20reps
Seated calf extensions 4 x 20

Then I did backwards walking on the running machine for 3 minutes.
Got a massive pump in my quads and it helps my back posture.

Then I went to work and cleaned some carpets which is what I'm doing as I find it theraputic.

Then after work

Guess what... I went back to the gym and supersetted my arms biceps and triceps
Had a nice pump which was quite satisfying.

Then I had a Jacket with salad and chicken.

What do you think guys?
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