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a lot of those guys look so much better on their social media

they take pictures when they peek one month out of the year and then spend the other 11 months looking average

I believe in looking good 12 months out of the year not one month out of the year but that's me
I still think seeing the mass monsters bulking is pretty damn impressive. Saw Dorian Yates on stage guest posing one year at 300+ lbs. was pretty impressive.
I wasn’t impressed with their size. They were lean and just ok imo. It’s hardly fair to compare young kids who train 12 months a year to somone like myself that has never been able to train more than 6 months per year due to my job. To me size matters and they will never be able to put on the amount of muscle I plan on putting on over the next couple years. I am just getting going on my hypertrophy phase while they have been for years. Ive never trained for size, I’ve only trained strength.
@RoidRage69 they train to stay lean, recomped and injury free
I saw a couple ifbb pros training together at my gym on Saturday. They were training back. They were lifting half the weight I train with. 😂
My local pro lifts light too
I used to live really heavy when I was younger
then after my divorce I had to take a break
sometimes training lighter it can be more efficient
you can't train heavy forever but you can always train for physique even in your 80s
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