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first cycle to train legs, and legs only


New member
Hi Guys,

Thank you in advance, I have used this forum a long long time ago and found the help very useful.

I am 25 been training seriously since I was 16 and about 5 years ago I was thinking about taking steroids and was convinced by users here that I was too young, I took the advice and stayed natural. Now in the last few years my training has slowed down, (life), and then I was 5'10, 13stone and a half stone, very ripped but lacking mass in my legs, hence the reason I initially thought of steroids. But my upper body was quite impeccable to be honest, and my waist up has been the envy of every training partner I have had.

Fast forward to now, and I am still quite ripped, weigh 11 and half stone and have been back training solid for 3 months.

Now it turns out I have had low testosterone most of my adult life which has impacted me more the older I have got, as the dr's are slowwalking my treatment I have chosen to go down the anabolic route, now I have lost much of my bulk but still have a good upper body physique which responds excellently to even light training, I wanted to use this opportunity to jump on a cycle that would deliver huge gains with the benefit of increasing my testosterone, and train my lower body, namely calves, quads, thighs and hamstrings almost exclusively.

I have incorporated leg training into my regime for about 5 years also and have been able to squat 140kg since I was 21, I throw lunges in, deadlifts, leg press and recently calf raises, but have always had a very strong squat despite my tiny legs, to the amazement of many! Lol

My reasoning is, if I jump on a cycle of Dianabol, 30mg for 4 weeks, Test E at 400mg for 12, then use HCG the final 2 weeks and then Clomid for PCT, I can make considerable lower body gains, get my body into proportion, then continue to train as normal. I enjoy training legs a lot, and despite the fact they don't seem to respond to training the way the rest of my body does, the juice will help me to add mass to those areas, and by devoting majority of the time to my legs, the benefits of cycle will target those areas.

The HCG should help with the low test issues I have, namely the tiny testicles, and then clomid will help restore the natural function of my testes after.

Please guys, what do you think? Does this sound like sensible course of action? Do you think it will work? Is there anything else I need to consider?

Look forward to your responses,

Thanks again R.M.
Your still too young for AAS, and you still have alot of learning to do regarding exercise and diet. I would recomend 12 weeks of SL 5x5 with a bulking diet to start. This way you get alot of compound movements to help balance out your physique. And then continue on periodizing, rotating compound motions in and out of your routine while continuing to bulk. You may want to use some natty test boosters, but for the time being, IMO, gear would be a nistake for you.
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