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I’ve got skinny legs vs. upper body

genetics can play a role but still keep your work on buddy.....results will be there let people say nonsense just ignore them..........
Post up your current routine and we can make some suggestions. Are you seeing growth in your upper body? Also, remember that genetics play a big part.
I have chicken legs also.
I am just now trying to fix it.
I will give a little advise that I was given.

It is not about the weight at the beginning.
Make sure you are doing each set with good mind muscle connection.
Example leg extension, are moving the weight? Or are you squeezing the quad.
Slow down and feel each rep and each muscle. Squeeze the muscle and slow down the retraction.
Your muscle will burn doing this. That’s when you are doing it right. Once you have this figured out. Then start increasing weight.
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