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Approved Log AussieBrah Testosterone & Primobolan TRT Cruise Cycle Log

I like how you explain specifically about width workouts.
These are exercises that traditionally are made for width rather than thickness. Yes it can be debated because you can’t change your genetics of having wider clavicles but certain exercises can give you the appearance of being slightly wider up top.
Chest A, Mid Delts, Calf’s, Monday

Smith Incline Press 60°
25kg a side x 13, 30 x 9, 40 x 5
DB Incline Press 30°
32kg x 12, 34 x 10, 38 x 9
Seated Fly Machine, cable
61kg x 16, 68 x 11, 75 x 7
Seated Chest Press , cable
61kg x 13, 75 x 8, 89 x 6

Lateral Raise, cable
5kg x 10, 5.5 x 8

Seated Calf Raise
40kg x 16, 50 x 14
Horizontal Calf Press
145kg x 18, 155 x 17

What a workout this was, I decided to throw in some lateral raises today and will add it to my Monday chest workout from now on. I used a cuff rather than handles for the lat raises to see if I’d notice a difference. And the answer was yes I did. It was a good experience using the cuff and I think I may use it again in the future as a regular part of my routine.
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