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  1. V

    you love tren, then hate tren

    Does anyone else have a love and hate relationship with trenbolone? When I first go on it I am in love with it and I can’t get enough of it it’s almost like when you first meet someone in your dating them. But the more I stay on it the more I start hating it it makes me thirsty all the time and...
  2. N

    can a skinny guy still use primo?

    I’m a very skinny guy, 6’2’’ and 170 pounds. I am definitely a hard Gainer and I’m 24 years old. As much as I try to eat I still can’t gain anything. However I don’t want to take something that’s gonna bulk me up big so my family thinks I’m on anything I want to take Primo. Do you think that...
  3. N

    calling all females on anadrol

    I’m using anadrol as a female. The pill comes in 50mgs, I cut it up into 4 pieces and dose around 12.5mgs per day. Getting Some explosive strength and some hard muscles from this stuff. I’m wondering about side effects that I should be watching for I don’t want to end up getting anything that’s...
  4. P

    NPP opinions and reviews.

    Very curious about using NPP, nandrolone phenyl propionate. Curious about the results that I can get on it in terms of bulking. I’ve heard it’s not as good as Deca from some people. What is your opinion on that logic since they’re both neanderlone I wouldn’t see why you get better results on one...
  5. A

    Looking to be more of an athlete with steroids help

    so I train at LA Fitness and I recently started to get into a couple different Hobbies including playing basketball at the 7pm game. Notice the guys I’m going up against are faster and quicker than me and they also can jump higher. I would like to be able to keep up with these young bucks...
  6. K

    Supplements to help with post injection pain

    so I’ve been dealing with a lot of post injection pain on my current steroid cycle. I’m doing about two grams of gear a week and that requires a lot of volume going into my muscles. I know that that’s part of the game but I’m wondering if there are any supplements similar to taking an ibuprofen...
  7. G

    week 10 of 14 week cycle, changes or no?

    So I started my current cycle at 215 pounds and now I’m at 230 pounds. My body fat has stayed the same or dropped a little bit I would estimate. I’m doing test at 600mgs a week with winstrol 25mgs 3 weeks on and 2 weeks off back and forth. Now I’m at week 10. should I increase the winstrol dose...
  8. K

    doing short esters a waste or good?

    Looking to do a 10 or 12 week cycle but use shorter esters. I’ve always used long esters but willing to try shorter ones even though it requires more frequent injections. I’m interested in doing test prop, mast prop, tren ace, and maybe even boldenone acetate. What do you think about using all 4...
  9. V

    most idea primo stack for success!

    I’m 5’10’’ 190 pounds and 16% body fat. 44 years old. Been a while since I used steroids, probably a good 5 or 6 years. Looking to start up a cycle with primobolan this time. What is the most ideal way to use primobolan for success on my next cycle? What would you stack it with?
  10. Z

    Dropping calories hard on a cycle?

    To get some tips and ideas on my next steroid cycle. I’ve always been a bigger dude all throughout School and always got picked to play either offensive line or defense of line in football. Anyway I’m currently 230 pounds and 6’2’’ at 34 years old I’m looking to cut up and be lean for the first...
  11. B

    Injectable anadrol suddenly a thing?

    Was discussing this topic at the gym with a bunch of friends one guy said that he had way better results using injectable anadrol. I had never heard of an injectable form of it I’ve always used the oral version and had done one tablet a day which was 15 milligrams every morning with good results...
  12. J

    Not Having the best of luck hardening on cycle with masteron

    current stats are five foot ten inches 216 pounds and about 17 or 18 percent body fat. so been on masteron for the past 5 weeks. Using mast prop 150mgs EOD, deca 250mgs a week, and some sustanon 250mgs a week. Was hoping I would get a harder physique but it has not been happening yet, should I...
  13. JimAbs43

    Podcast 585 - Listeners Feedback and Comments - Negative? 585 - Listeners Feedback and Comments - Negative?
  14. M

    using test 500mg/ml?

    Wondering about using test 500mgs/ml or sustanon 500mgs/ml does this injection hurt or does it not necessarily hurt depending on what source you use just looking to use a thousand milligrams a week and if I could do two CC’s that would be a lot less than having to do four cc’s any recommend...
  15. M

    tren steroid side effects :(

    how do you deal with steroid side effects? I’m doing tren right now. I started out with 350mgs a week which was an average dose I read first time using it. I’m 33 years old and 15% BODY FAT dealing with really bad insomnia on it. And my heart rate seems to speed up out of nowhere hoping I can...
  16. R

    bigger dude steroid stack

    I’m a bigger dude and want to try steroids for the first time my stats are 6’2’’ 270 pounds. Body fat is around 20% seen a lot of my friends use them who were fatter then me which steroids would be safe for me to use at my size?
  17. L

    Recomping at 40 years old

    like most of you I’ve hit a wall at 40 years old very hard to lose the fat and also put on muscle mass at my age versus 10 years ago need some help with steroids that you recommend that I use for this situation was thinking of doing tren. But I’m not that experienced with gear so not sure if I’m...
  18. G

    how to help itchy skin

    I tend to get very itchy skin especially on steroids the bottom of my feet tend to get cracked and the skin tends to peel off a lot I especially have the issue on my hands as well have any ideas as to which creams or supplements with work good to add to my skin
  19. Z

    1 year of training and steroid use

    I am a late bloomer when it comes to weight training and I started doing it at 29 years old I’m currently 30 and I’ve managed to put on a solid 12 or 15 pounds in the past year and I’m up to 200 pounds and wait and I’m six foot two what steroids do you think would work good to put on lean muscle...
  20. JimAbs43

    Podcast 580 - Safe Steroid Stacks for Seniors (Boomer edition) 580 - Safe Steroid Stacks for Seniors (Boomer edition)
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