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Approved Log AussieBrah Testosterone & Primobolan TRT Cruise Cycle Log

Meal plan


Training day (ON)
Protein 300
Carbohydrates 290
Fats 21

Non Training day (OFF)
Protein 300
Carbohydrates 160
Fats 21

On day, full meal plan

Meal 1, P50 C80
59g protein powder, 120g oats and 100g blueberries.
Meal 2, P50 C70
201g beef, 225g rice.
Meal 3, P50 F14
201g chicken thigh, 30g cashews.
meal 4, P50 C70 ( pre workout)
201g chicken, 265 pasta.
Meal 5, P50 C80 ( post workout )
59g protein powder, 300g rice.
Meal 6, P50 F7
65g casein protein powder, 6ml mct oil.

Slow and steady wins the race, my weight is 96kg and the moment, will see what happens after the next fortnight, progress pics will be coming soon. At the moment, I just like the training pics when you’re pumped up💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼. Next week is week workout ( A ) you will be able to see how it differs from ( B ). Hope everyone has a good weekend take it easy.
I like how you explain specifically about width workouts.
thanks for this update I hope you have a great weekend as well let us know if you end up hitting it on Sunday
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