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  1. R

    Need sexual help

    I am having a hard time with my libido interactions ever since I ran my last steroid cycle seems to be a common complaint out there but I am still in my early 30s and this shouldn't be happening to me. I got my blood work done and my testosterone levels were within range. I think that I need to...
  2. G

    Napsgear testosterone help

    I'm looking to use testosterone from napsgear My question is which one would work best for me? I want something that will kick in really fast but also something that won't hurt when I inject. I really don't like to inject very often either they have a lot of different testosterone options and...
  3. B

    Napsgear testosterone is legit

    I have been going to my doctor for the past 3 years and getting testosterone replacement therapy it cost a lot of money going through him. so I decided to go the self route. I got some testosterone off of napsgears website well all I can say is this stuff is as good or even better than the...
  4. Y

    Adding equipoise to my next test run

    I am currently doing a blast and cruise for the past year and a half I'm cruising around 200 to 250 mg of testosterone per week and then I'm blasting 500 to 750 mg my next blast I was thinking of staying at 250 mg of testosterone and then running equipoise at around 800 to 1,000 mg a week my...
  5. X

    Geneza pharma primobolan and testosterone

    I ordered a few items from geneza pharma Got their GP Primo called Prima And I got their GP test Cyp Both are solid choices and you should try them too Smooth as butter when i inject. I mix the 2 oils and then inject it twice a week monday and thursday I’m up around 5 pounds so far and i look...
  6. C

    EQ cycle, 10 weeks

    I’m looking to do a 10 week equipoise cycle then run testosterone another 4 weeks So a total of 14 weeks on the cycle The EQ would be 500mgs a week The test would be 200mgs a week I want low side effects !! I’m 48 years old Have not used steroids in about 4 years 6’2’’ and 190 pounds with 15%...
  7. K

    best testosterone booster

    what is the best testosterone booster that I can take on cycle to help boost things specifically looking for something for libido and also erectile issues I'm 52 years old
  8. W

    almost done with equipoise stacking

    I did a long cycle of testosterone enanthate and equipoise. It was 16 weeks the first part of the cycle was 400mgs of each, then I upped the EQ to 800mgs got really good results. Put on about 8 pounds total. Up to 204 pounds and 5’10’’ and 33 years old what would be the next step after pct? Do I...
  9. S

    How much AI do you need on this stack?

    Okay so i have access in my country to both aromasin and arimidex. Please help with dosing for this following stack. I’m 66kg, 26, and medium build 800mgs a week primobolan 1000mgs testosterone cyp 30mgs a day dianabol
  10. K

    Where to add in anavar?

    I was going to do a 12 weeks and go with testosterone cypionate and equipoise doing around 500 to 600 mg of each per week I'm 32 years old , 6’1’’ and 78kg and I have been training for around 10 years off and on. This is going to be my third cycle. I was wondering the best way to add anavar...
  11. C

    Strength stack i found

    Check out this strength stack and tell me what you think 500mgs a week testosterone 500mgs a week trenbolone enanthate 10mgs a day halotestin 4 weeks Then 20mgs a day superdrol 4 weeks I’m 25 years old 5’6’’ Powerlifting for 8 years
  12. S

    Proper tren cycle options

    I want to see what your opinion was on using trenbolone for strength and mass Should i do it like this: Deca durabolin + tren + proviron Or Testosterone + anavar+ tren I’m currently lean. 6’1’’ 178 pounds and 11%. 38 years old
  13. PhillDragon

    Euro-Pharmacies RAPID CUT PRO-350 perfectly dosed

    I just wanted to share my opinion about this product 1ml EOD Great. Perfectly dosed A perfect blend
  14. Z

    PSL testosterone A++

    Been having a lot of issues with allergies and PIP when i use testosterone from my pharmacy I decided to try the testosterone from PSL instead it's been 3 weeks and not only do I not have any pain when I injected also my allergies are gone. I can actually breathe for a change. will be...
  15. Y

    Recomping after new year

    No more Mr. pudgy lol I want to recomp Currently 20% body fat, i plan on cutting before i start 5’10’’ 156 pounds and 27 yrs old Doing testosterone prop 100mgs EOD, and trenbolone acetate. Now with the acetate do i need to run it ED or EOD? A friend said he did it 3x a week and was fine What...
  16. E

    When you have poor testosterone levels

    I was wondering if poor testosterone levels could be affecting my results in the gym because I'm not able to put on much muscle I don't have much libido either if so what kind of supplements can I take to boost my testosterone levels
  17. C

    2 year cycle plan

    I wanted to go over my 2 year cycle plan and see what you thought about it I’m 26 years old and 240 pounds and tall 500mgs testosterone and trenbolone 12 weeks 16 weeks cruising 200mgs test only Then take 8 weeks off Then go back on testosterone with equipoise this time for 12 weeks Then cruise...
  18. Q

    Crazy high libido help

    my libido is getting out of control on this current cycle I'm doing trenbolone 350mgs a week Testosterone 500mgs a week And i am doing caber as well I’m 25 years old, 5’10’’ and 177 pounds I need help with controlling my libido, any tips? I cannot get enough sex
  19. B

    Analysis of all Herbal Supplements on Testosterone - What worked?

    From Examining the Effects of Herbs on Testosterone Concentrations in Men: A Systematic Review Testosterone concentrations in males tend to decline with advancing age. Low testosterone, also known as androgen deficiency (AD), is associated with an...
  20. S

    Bridge with sarms

    Check out my sarms bridge Just Finished a 12-week testosterone only cycle I want to transition to a sarms bridging to keep my gains I’m currently 6 ft tall and about 185 lb. Was thinking of doing a 4 week post cycle therapy and then doing 8 weeks of a sarm stack with lgd4033 + gw cardarine...