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    Emergency, need help. Stopping my current steroid cycle

    This is my first cycle and I'm doing 200 mg of testosterone cypionate every 4 days. this is the six week I'm on it and I'm experiencing very hot Shivers and also headaches. when I go outside in the sun it's made worse also getting some crippling neck pain. my question is what do I do? my friend...
  2. H

    Testosterone prop anyone?

    Seems like 10 or 15 years ago everybody was using testosterone propionate. now you barely hear anybody using it on their cycle. why do you think it's falling out of favor? I swear when I use it I get less water retention unless estrogen problems. I absolutely love this stuff and don't mind...
  3. A

    Domestic supply anavar and testosterone stack

    One of the best stacks you will ever use is the anavar and testosterone stack from domestic supply They are so spot on that i have found my new source for life! I’m using test cyp 250mgs a week And i’m using the anavar. Started out 40mgs a day, then upped it to 50mgs then 60mgs. Very happy with...
  4. M

    Stacking 500mgs of testosterone with something else

    I’m hoping to stack 500mgs of testosterone with some other steroids with it My goals are more lean muscle mass, loss of body fat and more libido Last time i did 300mgs of test and had good results This time wanted to stack either equipoise or primbolan with it I’m thinking about doing a 16 week...
  5. J

    Cruising adding trt

    I’m looking to do masteron and want to cruise on it by adding to trt A friend of mine did 50mgs of test and 50mgs of masteron and said it did help with libido with no sides Do you think I could do something like that where I would drop my testosterone dose and replace it with masteron? If so...
  6. L

    Domestic supply EQ and test stack very nice

    Ordered several bottles of equipoise and testosterone from domestic supply second time using them in the first time when fantastic as well this time I ran the steroids for 12 weeks and I did 400 mg of each. my results were excellent I was able to put on six and a half pounds of good quality lean...
  7. D

    Don’t use winstrol and tren together

    My last cycle i ran a trio of steroids I did trenbolone 300mgs a week, testosterone enanthate 500mgs a week, and then i did winstrol 50mgs a day This was not a good cycle for me I ended up with major headaches the whole time, also my head hair got destroyed and its not coming back post cycle...
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    Doing testosterone + HGH low dose

    I was not aware that human growth hormone was so expensive so I only plan on using 1-1.5ius per day looking to stack that with some testosterone. Test cyp or test E perhaps I'm looking just for overall feeling better and having more energy. also looking to tap into some anti-aging benefits of a...
  9. U

    Boosting my low T

    I'm 36 years old and I currently have low testosterone levels my number is in the 200s and it should be at least 4 or 500 for my age which is the best supplement for boosting total testosterone levels and also free testosterone levels I've noticed a lack of energy and also libido dropping over...
  10. S

    Doing just testosterone with some orals

    Does anyone else just do testosterone with an occasional oral steroid here and there? I found that just doing this has allowed me to achieve my goals. I keep growing steadily and I am improving on my strength routines as well. I also keep things fun by changing up my workouts I'm also eating a...
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    Overweight guy tryin to lose some pounds

    I'm overweight by bodybuilding standards. I'm probably around 20% body fat and I'm looking to use steroids to help with my physique I'm 6 ft 2 in and 270 lb. I'm very strong though in the gym I can bench over 400 lb my main goal here is to lose body fat the also maintain my strength if that...
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    T-drive test enhancer

    This is quite an expensive testosterone booster called tdrive it's $70 per bottle and it's got only one month serving. it's supposed to be good for amplifying muscle growth, boosting sexual health, and boosting my libido I have been taking it now for 3 weeks and haven't seen any sort of changes...
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    Best testosterone booster for sexual aid

    I'm looking for the best testosterone booster that cannot only get my testosterone levels higher. they are currently in the 300s and I am in my early 50s. I refuse to get on testosterone replacement therapy don't want to deal with the injections my doctor suggested I try a good testosterone...
  14. R

    Need sexual help

    I am having a hard time with my libido interactions ever since I ran my last steroid cycle seems to be a common complaint out there but I am still in my early 30s and this shouldn't be happening to me. I got my blood work done and my testosterone levels were within range. I think that I need to...
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    Napsgear testosterone help

    I'm looking to use testosterone from napsgear My question is which one would work best for me? I want something that will kick in really fast but also something that won't hurt when I inject. I really don't like to inject very often either they have a lot of different testosterone options and...
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    Napsgear testosterone is legit

    I have been going to my doctor for the past 3 years and getting testosterone replacement therapy it cost a lot of money going through him. so I decided to go the self route. I got some testosterone off of napsgears website well all I can say is this stuff is as good or even better than the...
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    Adding equipoise to my next test run

    I am currently doing a blast and cruise for the past year and a half I'm cruising around 200 to 250 mg of testosterone per week and then I'm blasting 500 to 750 mg my next blast I was thinking of staying at 250 mg of testosterone and then running equipoise at around 800 to 1,000 mg a week my...
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    Geneza pharma primobolan and testosterone

    I ordered a few items from geneza pharma Got their GP Primo called Prima And I got their GP test Cyp Both are solid choices and you should try them too Smooth as butter when i inject. I mix the 2 oils and then inject it twice a week monday and thursday I’m up around 5 pounds so far and i look...
  19. C

    EQ cycle, 10 weeks

    I’m looking to do a 10 week equipoise cycle then run testosterone another 4 weeks So a total of 14 weeks on the cycle The EQ would be 500mgs a week The test would be 200mgs a week I want low side effects !! I’m 48 years old Have not used steroids in about 4 years 6’2’’ and 190 pounds with 15%...
  20. K

    best testosterone booster

    what is the best testosterone booster that I can take on cycle to help boost things specifically looking for something for libido and also erectile issues I'm 52 years old