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    When testosterone lowers libido

    I’ve been on testosterone now for five weeks in my libido has gradually been dropping. Also my erections are not that good anymore. 23 years old and I’m very new to this. Using 500mgs a week of testosterone cyp and 12.5mgs 3x a week of aromasin. Got bloods done a few days again and my estrogen...
  2. G

    using anavar and TRT, have some concerns

    So I have been doing self trt for the past six months and I’m going around a hundred milligrams a week of testosterone enanthate. Things have been going good and there’s definitely an improvement for me because my total testosterone levels are about 800 when before they were around 250. anyway...
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    geneza pharma test E

    using geneza pharma testosterone enanthate is just like getting the gear from my doctor very impressed with the quality and The Fantastic products I will continue using geneza pharma in the future because I know their gear is g2g thank you all for recommending them to me and it saves me a...
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    domestic supply home run cycle

    very pleased that my current domestic Supply cycle went so well been using 250mgs of eq and 250mgs of testosterone also added in winstrol to finish off the cycle went from 13% body fat down to 9% body fat I also increase my lean muscle mass on the cycle by about five pounds overall I would say...
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    testosterone and masteron 750mgs each

    right at 15% body fat give or take. 187 pounds and 27 years old I’m looking to take things to another level with my body looking to do a recomp going to try to do testosterone 750 milligrams and do some masteron 750mgs per week never ran more than 1200mgs total of gear so this will be a bit more...
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    how much test can I run without an AI?

    I had a question about using testosterone and how much you can use without needing in aromatase inhibitor I’ve read that some guys can run a thousand milligrams of testosterone and have no issues While others will get problems at even 150 milligrams is there a reason for this and what are some...
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    want to use napsgear again

    I definitely want to use napsgear again but wasn’t sure if you can guide me on what I should try my stats are six foot tall 175 pounds and 12 percent body fat my last cycle I use 500 milligrams of testosterone my goals are still to bulk up I would like to put on about 12 to 15 pounds of body...
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    Deca and test for joints and size

    my main goals are joint help and increase muscle mass. Looking for the big muscle mass not the lean muscle mass effects thats why I want to go with deca and testosterone a friend suggested I do dbol as well do you think this stack would work well for me? Was thinking of 250mgs of deca, and...
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    I’m a female and want to use anavar

    hello everyone I’m a female who is interested in using anavar 10mgs a day gonna use it with test as well I’m trying to get bigger and bulk up currently 135 pounds and 5 foot 7 inches how much testosterone would you recommend I use it and should I go with a short Ester compound I was reading...
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    domestic supply cruising with testosterone

    wanted to do a cruise in between cycles using testosterone my plan was 200mgs a week of a cruise for 12 weeks after a 12 week cycle then going back on another 12 week cycle I can say that this testosterone from domestic supply has been outstanding I’ve been able to maintain all my games for my...
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    blood donations on cycle?

    I’m currently doing a cycle of equipoise, testosterone and NPP 400mgs of test, 300mgs NPP and 500mgs of EQ I know my blood is getting thicker and I would like to donate. Never donated before will they know I am on steroids and reject me or what? Don’t they ask that question when you go in...
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    how to pick the right testosterone?

    This is going to be my first cycle and I’ve been studying the types of testosterones available on the sources on here by clicking the banners I am extremely overwhelmed with the number of different options that there are different esters, different mgs per ML, different brands, different labels...
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    testosterone injections with anavar

    so I want to try injections for the first time with steroids I’ve used orals before gonna be stacking anavar with it but low dose maybe 20-25mgs a day test will be 500mgs a week and 2 pins a week split dose goal is more strength and size. had some questions Since I’m doing injectables mostly do...
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    Testosterone and deca bulking stack

    currently five foot nine and 172 pounds I’m looking to bulk up I’m extremely lean probably around seven percent body fat I’ve been training in the gym between four and five times a week even on the weekends sometimes absolutely love it and I would like to take things to the next level this will...
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    pointless to use test boosters on cycle?

    I was having a cup of coffee the other day in a diner and got to talking with a couple bodybuilders there they were saying that it was pointless to run testosterone boosters if you’re on steroids because your testosterone is already elevated do you agree with this or not?
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    Next cycle with tren

    Interested in trying tren for my next cycle previous cycle was testosterone and equipoise want to do the same stack 200 milligrams each of testosterone and EQ but this time I would like to add Tren at 200 to 300 mg a week I’m 26 years old and I am 5 foot 7 ,,,182 pounds. I’m training five times...
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    Testosterone 1000mgs a week ++

    I’ve done two cycles with testosterone 500mg a week. And I did the last one when I tried 750 milligrams a week with 3CC’s of sustanon this time want to push to 1000mgs a week testosterone what do I need to stack with it? Goals are bulking and strength I’ve got plenty of letro and aromasin on...
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    big EQ cycle!@

    I’m a big time gym rat. I go every chance I get 40 years old 6’ tall and 190 pounds I’m going to be running a big equipoise cycle and I need your help I have ran it before and it was only at 400 mg a week now I want to go 800 mg a week looking to stack 250mgs a week testosterone questions are...
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    first cycle without testosterone

    I’ve done two steroid cycles with testosterone and ended up getting some estrogen problems now I want to run one without testosterone to see how I do I’m going to be doing either equipoise or primo since both are estrogen safe I’m 28 years old and I am 217 pounds with 17 percent body fat what...
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    testosterone for bulking then cutting?

    I’m curious what you guys thought about using testosterone for both bulking and then cutting? My plan is to run a caloric surplus of about 500 to 1,000 calories for about eight weeks while I bulk on about 500 mg a week then after eight weeks I will spend the last four weeks cutting down dropping...
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