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    Dianabol, tbol and test?

    Looking to try 2 orals and testosterone on this cycle Want to keep things a bit simple and avoid injections Was thinking of 30mgs of dianabol and maybe 25mgs of the turinabol together Then adding testosterone on week 4 and running it until week 10 or 12. does this make sense and if so how much...
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    More steroids or less?

    Hello all, i’m 26 years old 6’1’’ 170 pounds and 13% body fat Have been weight training 4-5 months I’m 6 weeks into my first cycle and I am doing: Sustanon 250 3x per week, 750mgs total Dianabol 10mgs 3x per day, 30mgs total Adex 1mg 2x per week Not seeing the types of results i was looking for...
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    Need more pumps on this cycle

    I'm looking to do a cycle that is great for pumps I’ve heard that there are several good ones Dianabol Anavar Winstrol Out of those which would you choose for someone like me who is more on the skinny side I’m 25 years old, 5’10’’ and 165 pounds. Very lean physique i’m like 8% body fat but i am...
  4. JimAbs43 Underground 18 Sustanon Dianabol Bulking - Geneza Pharma Underground 18 Sustanon Dianabol Bulking - Geneza Pharma
  5. JimAbs43 Hardcore 2.0 #6 - Primoblan Dianabol Arnold Bulk - Euro Pharmacies Hardcore 2.0 #6 - Primoblan Dianabol Arnold Bulk - Euro Pharmacies
  6. JimAbs43 Hardcore 18 - Dianabol (Dbol) and Anadrol Stacked Hardcore 18 - Dianabol (Dbol) and Anadrol Stacked
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    napsgear sensational so far!

    So far I am up 7 pounds and feel amazing I decided to try their winstrol and dianabol oral stack doing 25mgs of each per week. I am gonna finish up this stack 1 more week I look amazing in the mirror and shredded
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    moon face steroids

    a buddy of mine decided to use steroids who I train with he got very strong but he had some nasty moon face he wasn’t sure what happened. Mentioned he was taking dianabol for 4 weeks 50mgs a day-to-day I want to try it too but don’t want moon face, any suggestions on how to help that?
  9. JimAbs43 Hardcore 15 - Dianabol (Dbol) and Winstrol Stacked Hardcore 15 - Dianabol (Dbol) and Winstrol Stacked
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    Proper bulking steroids stack

    I am gonna include 3 steroids in my bulking stack Dianabol Deca Testosterone I just need help with dosages I’m 5’9’’ 175 pounds Want to gain like 20 pounds maybe I’m 28
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    How to stack ancillaries?

    Here is my cycle and stats: 500mgs a week testosterone enanthate 400mgs a week primobolan 20mgs a day dianabol dbol 5’11’’ 188 pounds 17% body fat, 27 years old This is my first cycle and i don’t plan on doing another for 2-3 years. What do i need with this?
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    Geneza products blew me up

    this is the first time I've tried this brand and I'm convinced it is the top one out there I'm doing their testosterone and also doing some of their dianabol I’m up a solid 20 pounds since the start of the cycle. I'm going to be going on an AI soon but so far so good.
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    Injectable dianabol ?

    What is this stuff i see on some source sites where they are selling injectable dianabol? This stuff is awesome What would be the difference between injecting it and taking it Regularly by mouth would it be more effective that way? My goals are bulking I’m 6’ tall and 168 pounds 11% body fat
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    Adding certain things to steroid stack

    What are going to be the best things to add to a steroid stack in terms of drugs? I have several options that i wanted to try here including T3 cyomel, clenbuterol and letrozole My cycle is going to be: 500mgs a week testosterone cypionate 800mgs a week equipoise 30mgs a day dianabol dbol I’m...
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    geneza products came in

    just got my geneza products yesterday in the mail looks really good i ordered some vials of testosterone and equipoise and i got some orals dianabol and anavar love the professional look especially the orals that it comes in i will def look forward to using it
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    How to lower HR on cycle

    I am on cycle and when I trained especially my heart rate zooms up usually my resting heart rate is around eighty and now it's over 90 also when I work out my heart rate goes over 160. I'm kind of worried about it I'm using testosterone, primobolan and dianabol together. 400mgs, 500mgs and...
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    First experience geneza

    this was my first experience using geneza pharma and i am thrilled with the experience are testosterone propionate barely had any post-injection pain compared to what I've used before I'm also using some of their dianabol and used it for a kickstart I felt it within 3 or 4 days. Great...
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    How much damage did i do?

    I'm currently 28 years old back when I was in college I did steroids with a couple buddies who were in my fraternity we were messing around with deca durabolin, testosterone, and some orals like dbal dianabol. now at my age I'm having issues with erections and libido. I'm wondering do you...
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    what to do when results stall?

    I’m halfway through my steroid cycle and my results have stalled my question is why does this happen? because it happened to me on my last cycle 2 I’m doing equipoise 500mgs a week, testosterone 300mgs a week, and i did dianabol as a kickstart I was gaining really good then i hit week 7 and...
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    Forcing growth with steroids?

    I have a lot of lagging body parts especially my legs my upper body has good definition though this is why I want to use steroids to bring up lagging parts I have a couple options in mind What do you think about dianabol/dbol and deca durabolin? what are the maximum dosage is of each? I’m...